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Assistive Devices

Release status: unknown [box doku]

Description Designing, making, hacking learning about devices to assist people undertake everyday tasks
Author(s)  Spanner888
Last Version  ongoing sessions

This is a simple page to track: "Tasks - progress updates & Help wanted". In future we might switch to using GitHub issues, for now just simple approach.

Please try to add dates of updates and some indication of who is working on a task, but do keep in mind this is a public wiki, so please take care with peoples names - maybe use initials or nickname, unless you are sure of how each person wants to be publicly represented! At the moment every task = Spanner888, until the new group members take over the tasks they have indicated interest in :)

It might be useful to keep completed tasks for historical reference - can often save a lot of questions later!

There are plenty of ToDo's in the code - also make sure you look at the additional code/notes files ( see the additional "tabs" in the Arduino gui).

Devices that provide an alternate way to control a computer mouse

USB Joystick

STATUS: works well, almost ready for release

  • documentation updates


STATUS: works well, almost ready for release

  • needs a case
  • some minor documentation updates


STATUS: works, but not very well

  • better data smoothing - use of Kalman filters has been strongly recommended

Accelerometer & Gyro (Air or wand-mouse)

  • implement virtual switches - Spanner888 has two sets of code, but need review use of freeImu & I2Cdev libs to decide approach.
  • run some stability - "up time" tests using current gyro - freeIMU code
  • Get openSuse Xadow - Arduino build working and ... other Linux, Mac, ....
  • Create a user mouse settings configuration application. Needs to runs serial coms to "talk" to the Arduino and display all the options for the user to change, then send the changed options to the Arduino. Should be Cross platform = run on Windows, Linux, Mac, ?different tablets & mob phones? and as MANY different versions of each as possible. Other wise have to create and maintain MANY applications! *** Many more ideas in "sketchbook\AssistiveDevices\FreeIMU_inertial_mouse_leonardo_Teensy\User_setup_and_configuration.ino"
  • Xadow
    • frame
      • mounting strap for wrist mounting
      • Xadow frame - need finger mount - eg wear it like a ring (& other body locations - eg foot, head/glasses)
      • Seeed show other designs - lets ask them for the source
      • Modify/create our own designs
    • blue tooth
      • investigate how to use BLE module as a HID mouse

   v4 BLE ONLY!!!
   chip is ISSC 
       D686847.00	8=B??
   On edge of the BLE breakout board B177_V2 (on the ISSC board that is mounted ON the Xadow board)
       Both these are very similar appearance - but not exactly the same!!!!
   - just looking for full set of serial commands & how to use
   - understanding BLE capability - connect to PC as mouse??

Eye or head tracking

STATUS: have not yet got working reliably.

  • add IR filters to camera - have some on hand to try

add more device categories :)

Other tasks

  • Keep the mailing list up to date
  • more updates on Seeed wiki
  • demo at XCJ on Wed night?
  • Better names for each sub-project (especially for the many air/wand mouse variations), update wiki & git to match

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