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From Spencer Featherstone.

Notes from Assistive Devices

Editor's note: It looked sort of messy. Couldn't make sense of it.

Cheap to do

Thinking about adding a summary something like:

  • sensor & {motion data outputs / desired motions}
  • gyro (accel??) rotational (ie an angle, or angle change/time) <<<<<< can hand or finger be used .... and map angle/change to onscreen movement???
  • accel - g's in relative or absolute directions
  • accel - tilt/orientation (v limited angles??)
  • combinations of above???? - eg via kalman
  • motion detect, tap, shake, gestures, more????
  • everything in relative/absolute direction/strength
  • ... plus min/max thresholds, scaling, ......
  • " air‐mouse" - ie mimic standard x-y mouse movement, but "in the air"

User actions ...

  • to control mouse (so just looking at x/y equiv inputs ... keys/switches discussed separately)
  • entire finger hand shape/position/movement - eg leap motion system
  • move this way
  • eg move or wave finger/hand/....
  • tilt hand(rotate wrist)/arm
  • point at position
    • finger/hand
    • eyes (camera eye track, muscles signal, ...?)
    • head
  • mouth - open/close, sip/puff
    • muscle action (eg via electrical impulse)
    • EEG brain control
    • gestures = each dif input method can have a host of gestures - shake, tap, swipe, flick

Intuitive ..

so movement in direction of desired mouse movement and amount of movement relative to size/speed/acceleration of movement

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