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This is a summary of the Event Manager.


The Space Manager is the main person responsible for keeping Xinchejian workshops and events. The Event Manager helps with:

  • Workshop and Event Organization
  • Workshop and Event Marketing
  • Workshop and Event Accounting
  • Backup for the Space Manager


Event manager needs to be at the workshops. All saturdays and sundays.

Workshop and Event Organization

Organize Members Meetups

  • organize and oversee meetup groups for members;
  • taking care of issues and problems

Organizing Other Events

  • communicating with other parties to finalize details ->
  • give info to person who is to host - help with setup and give assistance

Organizing Workshops and Events

  • Finding out what workshops are in demand
  • Finding people to do workshops

Workshop and Event Marketing

Promoting Xinchejian Workshops and Events

  • taking photos and spread the words

Posting Workshops and Events

  • create sign up link on huodongxing.com,
  • sharing at the same time to weibo/douban ->
  • xinchejian.com, sharing to Facebook and twitter at the same time ->
  • wechat post ->
  • meetup.com ->
  • sharing to wechat groups

Following up with signups for events:

  • change date if not enough signups ->
  • make sure host is aware of details ->

Workshop and Event Accounting

Workshop Supplies

  • ordering kits on workshops / DFrobot online shop and pay;
  • collect money from sales of equipment;
  • give cash to Treasurer

Workshop and Event Fees and Invoices

  • collecting payment onsite for workshops ->
  • transfer workshop income from huodongxing.com to xinchejian alipay account (takes 5 working days) ->
  • pay workshop host after workshop
  • Collecting Fees
  • Invoicing Xinchejian Workshops and Events

Reporting to Staff

Staff Meeting

  • Report of what workshops have taken place
  • Report of what workshops will be happening
  • Report of what workshops need to be planned
  • Report of what can be improved

Assisting Xinchejian Staff / Workshops

  • translate and interpret when can;
  • assisting on events and workshops and projects

Backup for the Space Manager

  • Backing up Space Manager when he / she is not available.


  • Depends on experience and skills
  • Please see Google Doc


  • Position created in 2015 June

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