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Release status: unknown [box doku]

Plobot intro.jpg
Description A young robot that wants to learn
Author(s)  Rodolfo Cossovich
Last Version  0.0.1

Plobot is a robot companion that teaches programming logic through storytelling and play - with cards instead of screens.

Created by NYU robotics professor Rudi Cossovich and ex-Google engineer Sean Purser-Haskell, Plobot is a fun, educational robot that teaches young learners coding concepts without all the messy syntax – and without any need for computer screens. They’ll learn about algorithms, loops, conditionals, and more, all while having a blast with their favorite new toy!

General Idea

Plobot started from the idea that kids learn best from physical play.

With Plobot, we wanted to answer a crucial question: how do we get kids excited to learn about something as abstract as programming? We aimed to create a fun, effortless introduction to coding that promotes productive playtime away from computer screens. That led to Plobot - a happy little robot that can move, sing, dance, and entertain with a few simple commands.

  • We want to affect as many kids as possible.
  • We develop concepts and we test them with kids

We are tired of wires and technical complications when teaching programming to kids. Something different has to appear. Something that even young kids can understand.


History and Updates

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