Membership Experience Discussion 201207

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Membership Experience

  • General sense that membership situation is not ideal


  • Weak Member retention
  • Growing exclusivity
  • Lack of understanding of what to do, how to get involved

Solution Proposals


  • Do more serious workshops in general
    • At old space, more workshops being done
  • Mini Workshops - Do Mini Workshops
    • Lower work for staff
    • Potentially similar upside as full workshop

Research Members

  • Surveys: Survey members, fill out questionnaires
  • Interviews: Call them to ask what Xinchejian can do
    • JIA QI to take first step

Staff Behavior

  • More staff introductions (not clear)
  • Make it easier to contact staff for visitors and new members


  • Mentorship (potentially paid to mentors)


  • Offer learning materials (books, magazines)

Active Project Recruitment

  • More recruitment for active projects
  • On Wednesday -- More presentations on Xinchejian ongoing Projects


  • 31 July 2012 - More proposals for making this more concrete

Membership Payment Compliance

  • How to enforce membership compliance?
  • Lanyard / Badge Compliance in space
    • All members must wear the lanyard
    • Non-members must be accompanied by members
    • TODO: Min Lin has to buy film (tomorrow)