Mini Workshop Idea 201207

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Mini Workshops

  • This idea was proposed on 24 July 2012

Rough Idea for Mini Workshops=

  • Goals: Get members interested


  • 20-60 minutes
  • Any staff member can do it
  • Standardized, simple
  • Free or if materials or 10 RMB etc. or donation
  • Maybe 1x a week


  • Generally for members
  • Sometimes for non-members (? - can depend)

Typical Topics

  • "How to etch a PCB"
  • "What does a seed need"
  • "How to blink and LED"
  • "Digital circuits"
  • "What does a nose do?"
  • "How to evaluate a fragrance?"

Next Steps

First Mini Workshop

  • DAVID to give it, DAVID to wear pink thong.
  • Introduce on Wednesday night
  • Mini Workshop on Saturday 2:30 (~30 minutes)
  • FREE
  • "How to do start seedlings for hydroponics"
  • Send notification out to current members