Machine Instructions 201207/zh

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  Rule 1: Thou shall not pass whom have no training.
   Rule 2: whom shall mess in the Machine Room, shall clean after.
   Rule 3: If thou are not sure, thou shall first ask.
   Rule 4: Thou shall replace items he broke.
   纪律4:东西给弄坏了? 没事儿,找个看起来差不多的补回来就好
   Rule 5: Thou shall not hold projects nor leave things on the floor.
   Rule 6: Thou shall put items back in thy place.
   纪律5:一个萝卜一个坑 - 记得把那个萝卜放回那个坑
   Rule 7: Thou shall not eat nor drink in thy space.
   纪律7:你可不想在机器房吃吃喝喝 - 因为,你永远不知道会吃到些什么
   Rule 8: Error 404, rule not found.
   Rule 9: Thou shall not hang out in thy machine room
   Rule 10: for whom dont respect thy rules, shall clean thy room for 1 week - daily.
   纪律10:藐视十大纪录的童鞋们,呵呵 - 欢迎荣获机器房清洁员一职 (任期一周7天)