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This is document to help the staff manage all the events that happen at Xinchejian.

Regular schedule

  1. Monday Evenings: --
  2. Tuesday Evenings: XinCheJian Weekly Staff Meeting
  3. Wednesday Evenings: Wednesday Open House )
  4. Thursday Evenings: Helper Sessions
  5. Saturdays and Sundays: Workshops mostly are held on these days

Breakdown for organizing events (presentations and workshops)

Initiate the event

  • Find presenters

Schedule the event

  • Make sure it doesn't overlap with anything else
  • Confirm the schedule with the presenter
  • Confirm equipment needed
  • A workshop should be ideally booked at least one month in advance

Promote the event

  • All text should be in both English and Chinese
  • Get event description (promotional materials) from hosts (see Event description-guidelines
  • Post event on XinCheJian website
  • Post event on Weibo, Douban, twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Update calendar


  • Check registration to confirm whether the event will go no or not,
    • Minimum of 5 attendees is required.
  • Send reminder email to presenter and attendees.

On-site coordination

  • Before the event, make sure all necessary materials, equipments, tools are prepared
  • Registration - make sure attendees sign up at the door
  • Make sure the event goes smoothly
  • Get feedback from presenter and attendees
  • After the event, make sure the space is cleaned up for the next use

Follow up

  • Send thank you email to presenter and attendees (depends on the situation)
  • Send event survey
  • Write post-event blog

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