Designing a PCB - Eagle CAD

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This is based on theNelsons introductory workshop to EagleCAD where we had to design our own RoboRacing shield, i've personally gone on to design several other PCBS and taken them to production where they request Gerber files (another CAD software that costs a small fortune).

Our limitations with the freemium version of EagleCAD is size and layers, we're able to design an Arduino mega sized PCB and top and bottom layers, but not more than 2 layers.

This will be broken into 2 2-3hour sessions, introductory and advanced.

Required workshops to complete this workshop: Introduction to Electronics

Introduction to EagleCAD


  • size
  • schematic

common shortcuts

  • add
  • delete
  • ripup
  • route
  • rotate
  • move
  • wire
  • junction

Adding parts

Wiring up in schematics

Auto routing, Ripping up, Custom routing


on a 5cm x 5cm board, Design a single sided PCB with 5V in, GND, 1 Resistor, 1 LDR, 1 Blue LED


Custom Libraries

Design Rules

Sending out for Production