Arduino Beginner Challenges

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Assuming you've completed the Introduction to Arduino, you should be ready to take on these challenges!

Beginner Challenges

Pick one of the following 3 challenges.

Challenge A

Use the following:

  • 1 button
  • 3 LEDS
  • resistors (must use)
  • Breadboard

Use 3 LEDS to replicate a traffic light. the One button will be to switch between modes..

Hint: Green -> flashing Green -> Amber (orange) -> Red -> Go

Challenge B

use the following:

  • Piezo Speaker
  • resistor
  • light sensor
  • Breadboard

Create music with a buzzer and a light sensor

Challenge C

use the following:

  • Potentiometer
  • LED
  • Resistor
  • Breadboard

Fade up and down a light using a potentiometer

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