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Release status: beta [box doku]

Description Build a robot and race it on our track!

Do you like building robots? How about racing robots?
In RoboRacing, you can build a robot and race it against other robots on our track! There are two main categories:

  1. Remote controlled robots
  2. Totally autonomous robots

RoboRacing History

RoboRacing Competition Rules

Main Criteria

  • Time: Robots are scored by their run-time
  • Collision Penalty: Robots need to avoid barriers. A collision penalty of 5 seconds will be added for each hit on a wall.
  • Interference Penalty: Once the race begins, the operator may not touch the robot. An interference penalty of 10 seconds will be added for each touch.
  • Reset Penalty: A reset by hand or by controller for the race will result in a 10 second touch penalty.
  • Final Run-time Formula: Lap Time + (interference(s) x 10) + (collision(s) x 5) = (Final Run Time)

Other Rules

  • No Track Manipulation: Robots cannot jump, climb, drill or damage to the track wall.
  • No Losing Parts: A robot that has left a part on the track may not cross the finish line and will be disqualified.
  • Maximum Lap Time: Maximum run time per trial is 5 minutes to complete a lap
    • If your robot breaks down (or you want to try for a faster time) you have until the last slot is full to submit the robot for another lap.

User Controlled Robots

  • Indirect Control Only: User controlled robots may only indirectly observe the race by use of their robots camera/video interface.

Timing and Track Conditions

  • One robot will be on the track at one time.
  • The judges at their discretion will use either manual timing device or automatic sensors at the start/finish line to record times.
  • Times will be posted and tracked on a leader board. The top three robots with the lowest time will take first, second and third winning positions.
  • The race will function in natural lighting, temperature and humidity. The judges/organizers can adjust this at their discretion. If your robot needs a higher contrast environment, please bring this up directly with the event organizers.


  • In the event that a robot is out of control or causes harm to the track the judges/event organizers reserve the right to stop the race and disqualify the robot.

Final Race

  • The first 4 teams with highest score will match again 2 by 2 on in the final run.

Line Follower track

Autonomous/video Track for 2012

Track-2012-01.png Track-2012-02.png

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