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Motivation is backed by Wordpress.

Wordpress is currently used to publish our promotional content.


  • It's easy to use
  • well known software


  • easy to compromise due to a large number of vulnerabilities (past and future...)
  • slow to render
  • requires additional sysadmin maintenance

Currently proposed solution is to use Jekyll on to resolve some of the cons.

Downsides of proposed solution

  • is (perhaps?) blocked by the great firewall
    • workaround: easy to auto-generate the pages and push them to a static serving server
  • editing requires cloning the large repository (currently >300MB) due to image assets
    • workaround: clean out heavy assets
    • workaround: edit online
    • workaround: store images separately from git repository (only keep markdown pages)
  • editing requires knowledge of Markdown and Jekyll
    • workaround: teach workshop, write tutorials


  • use a Wordpress host that actively maintains the blog software
  • we could also capture a static copy of the wordpress site and block off direct access to the site with HTTP Auth


  • get a github account if you don't already have one
  • send account name to and request to get added to XinCheJian Git repositories
  • once you gain access, you're ready to edit the page

Example on Mac

Assuming you have Homebrew (

 brew install git
 brew install git-flow

At the terminal

 git clone