Weekly Update 2013-03-27

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going out wednesday!

XinCheJian Turns two years old! Last night we celebrated XinCheJian's second birthday, that's 2 years of Hackerspaces in China. You have all built, and continue to build a great community the spirit and peoples willingness to 'do' things has been phenomenal. Well done to everyone even if you couldn't make it last night. Look for photos on the website, Facebook, weibo groups, if you have photos from last night and want to share on weibo, tag them with #imakestuff# and we'll get to fetching them all!

A Special Thankyou to the following people:

 - Lu Jin Guo @金国国金 and Tony Fu - Anguo Security Services - Cake and all that great wine!
 - Ricky Ye - DFRobot - Drinks
 - XinCheJian Staff team - XinCheJian - prep, organization, cleanup
 - Adam - Reykjavictim @炸脖龙乐队 - DJ
 - Mathieu Tondeur @Chromaphase几何焱 - VJ

Updates this week:

  1. David li, Min Lin Hsieh and Ricky Ng-Adam were awarded last night the awesome award from XinCheJian community for their outstanding contribution and being awesome for forming XinCheJian - With special attention given to Min Lin as she's the one who has been responsible for keeping the space going in the background.
  2. Ladies, it's your turn, sign up for 3months at XinCheJian and get 1 month for free, starting.. last week
  3. Roboracing - it's on the 6th of April! 2pm - 5pm bring your 10 second cars! or your ultra fast line followers, the competition is just starting for the season - we're waiting on a special location announcement for this race, i think you dont want to miss it, plus work on your car Thursday and Friday as it's a tomb sweeping holiday!
  4. May is dedicated to the month of Cinematography - keep an eye out for events revolving around cinematography
  5. June is dedicated to "intro" for everything, from introduction to arduino, machine room, 3d printing, 3d modeling, electronics, this is the ultimate makers month!

Summary for Wednesday/本周三开放日综述

  1. Yang wenghui - making props for TV, movies and magicians. (CN)
  2. Crazy Cooking Group - they want to make full use of the kitchen in XinCheJian, this covers even molecular cooking!
  3. ..You..

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

Yang wenghui - This guy is skilled and makes Props for the Movies, he has built Lifesize R2D2, bionic arms, and all sorts, he builds props for magicians and for use on TV shows, he's agreed to come talk to us about what he does and we're hoping we've convinced him enough to bring some Props :D

David, Sophia, iHan - These people are trying to form a Group for Crazy Cooking, and should be presenting tonight.

Upcoming Events/近期活动安排

How to 3D Print Workshop - 2013/03/31 Learn who to 3D print during this workshop, its short but sweet! it'll give you what you need to know to operate the 3d printers and the tools of the trade.

Arduino Workshop - 2013/03/30 Morning you'll cover introduction to Arduino, in the afternoon you'll work on your projects and build your idea with the help of others