Weekly Update 2013-03-13

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going out wednesday!

MengQi was down this weekend giving some amazing workshops, everything from a theremin to cracklebox and his famous osc6 kit, congratulations to everyone who came, built and played their new musical instruments into the late evening and thanks to MengQi from coming from Beijing to XinCheJian.

Announcements this week:

  1. this week we want your 5rmb at the door, that money is going straight into the donation box!
  2. Spring Cleaning - this weekend the 16th of march we have a spring cleaning organized, everyone is welcome to join in - we'll start from 11am for a brunch at XinCheJian - Baozi's, Egg on Toast and a little cleaning/organization to our favourite hackerspace.
  3. Ladies, it's your turn, sign up for 3months at XinCheJian and get 1 month for free, starting.. now
  4. XinCheJian is turning 3 this month, join us for a wild party @ the space mark your calendars the 26th of march - it's a Tuesday - we need help, we need your help - a BIG cake for XinCheJian's birthday - feed 50+ people, you can make one or help organize one!
  5. Roboracing - it's on the 6th of April! 2pm - 5pm bring your 10 second cars! or your ultra fast line followers, the competition is just starting for the season, plus work on your car Thursday and Friday as it's a tomb sweeping holiday!

Summary for Wednesday/本周三开放日综述

  1. Mike Loh - Cosplay (EN)
  2. CSK - RoboPeak Mini Robot (CN)
  3. Allen Yang - Machines will make it (CN)

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

Mike Loh from uratz Studio will be giving his presentation on Cosplay and some awesome things he makes and is also looking to go electric, think Iron Man costumes and some Holly wood animatronics!

CSK has been followed around all week by TV cameras as he prepares to give his presentation this week on RoboPeak Mini Robot and robotics.

Allen yang from the machining industry is excited to present this week, he built him self a low cost CNC previously and knows his Equipment: lathes, milling machines, machining centers, shears, bending machines, presses, CNC press! you name it he does it.

Upcoming Events/近期活动安排

Quantified Self Show & Tell - 2013/03/14 - 7pm - 9pm http://xinchejian.com/event2/?ee=170

小型鱼菜共生工作坊 - Desktop Aquaponic Workshop - 2013/03/16 http://xinchejian.com/event2/?ee=168

Creative process Workshop with 3D Mapping (英语教学) - 2013/03/17 http://xinchejian.com/event2/?ee=169

Birthday 2013 - 2013/03/26