Weekly Update 2013-01-30

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going out wednesday!

Just a quick note: this weekend on Saturday morning the scouts are coming! from 9am til 12noon - you might want to lay in bed a little longer as they will be cutting, drilling, hammering.

Summary for Wednesday/本周三开放日综述

Andrew Hakim Lie, 3D Artist from Indonesia Lutz and MaTz, 3D fusion and robots, this will be interesting Rockets and Rex, the boys from DFrobot

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

Andrew Hakim Lie, will be talking about a genre in 3D Graphics called 'Photorealistic 3D', where images made using 3D softwares that are so life-like they appear like photographs. Mainstream public may not realize it, but its application ranges anywhere from the movie industry, design visualization, even Live Concerts and also tie into what his project at xinchejian will be.

MaTz of the 3D visualization last week and Lutz from Swarm robots will introduce a new project idea about the fusion of 3D mapping/projection and robots.

Rockets and Rex will be unveiling their latest 3D printer from DFrobot and the worlds smallest Arduino compatibible wearable low powered great for beginners and so cheap you'll not want to miss it!

Upcoming Events/近期活动安排

Desktop Aquaponic Workshop 小型鱼菜共生工作坊 - 2013/02/02 Time: 2pm to 5pm The Workshop is free to join and open to everyone; if you wish to buy the materials and equipment, please kindly RSVP by emailing to: David@xinchejian.com.