Weekly Update 2012-12-05

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going out wednesday!

Summary for Wednesday/本周三开放日综述

Marie Dariel - Bio Mimickery Michael Rozenberg - A board game fanatic

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

Marie Dariel will be talking about bio mimickery in design and how they hope to launch a program in the middle of next year that focuses on Nature-Inspired Innovation, a hot topic.

Michael Rozenberg will be presenting on board games, his deep passion for them and how he's using them in day to day life and business. He's also bringing his most loved board game over tonight, so get ready to get your game on!

who else? *your name here* it's also adhoc, so get ready, just keep it to 9 minutes plus Q&A afterwards

Upcoming Events/近期活动安排

Lucio's - Build your own 3D printer (2 days workshop) - FULL this weekend is fully booked, keep an eye out for more information on more 3d printing workshops.

RoboRacing - Winner Takes all! - for bragging rights - 2012/12/16 1pm - 3pm racing entry: 100rmb http://xinchejian.com/event/?ee=156

it's high stakes winner takes ALL, sign up if you plan to enter a robot into the autonomous racing competition, the more people the higher the prize.