Weekly Update 2012-09-12

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This week is makers heaven, Wood processing, Metal processing and a little bit of Stanley.

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Maya Angelou 

Mr Li from the Wood/Leather/Silver Makerspace in Shanghai will be talking about his recent group. He's a pilot in China since 1985 and loves making his own furniture.

Wang, Hefei will be talking a little about how he wants to work with the maker community, he owns a factory that specializes in aluminum processing and has Large scale CNCS.

Stanley from the Famous OBD car port hack will be presenting what he done on the mk802 to get it running linux, if you wanted a Raspberry Pi, think again, this little device is much cooler.

Stanley 是我们的老朋友,曾经为我们介绍了著名的OBD 汽车接口改装法。今天他为我们带来了更加凌波微步的运行linux,并与Arduino交互的MK802微型电脑。如果你对Respberry PI 感兴趣,Stanley带来的演讲将会彻底打通你的任督二脉。