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Summary for Wednesday/本周三开放日综述

台风“海葵”将会在周二午夜及周三影响上海地区,大家外出工作和学习请注意行路安全;有空也别忘了来新车间周三开放日逛逛。注意到我们邮件的新版面了吗?喜新还是念旧,我们都希望听到您的回馈意见。 新车间8月的活动同样丰富:超级无敌Arduino工作坊,模拟电路巡线机器人工作坊,还有机器车竞赛的活动都已经确定日程,即将开始。另外,本周六下午2点半,迷你工作坊第三弹将都市农耕进行到底 - 这次会和大家聊聊如何在家里插苗;有兴趣的会员朋友到时一起来种菜。更多信息(Max/MSP工作坊)在邮件末。

Some Great presentations planned for this Wednesday, something you dont want to miss! A test, How do you like our new look? prefer the old version? then let us know. Jia-qi will be running a mini-workshop for urban farming this Saturday at 2:30pm talking about taking cuttings from plants and raising them, this is open for XinCheJian members. This month we've packed it full of some interesting workshops, from the latest "Ultimate Arduino Workshop", to Analog line followers to RoboRacing! Keep an eye out for a Max/MSP workshop this month also, more information at the end of this email.


  • ☯大鱼 - 自创编程语言简介
  • Jonas - look ma' no loops!
  • Serena Pollastri/Francesca - 网络市场"田田"
  • Serena Pollastri/Francesca - TianTian
  • 斯捷 - 客厅里的触摸桌面
  • Sijie - Build your own multitouch table for your living room

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

  • ☯大鱼 Jonas 将为大家介绍自创的编程语言 "look ma' no loops!" - 一改以往的指令式编程,他的设计理念是告诉电脑你想要什么。届时来看他的演示吧。
  • Jonas Karlsson (☯大鱼) will be talking about his new language "Look ma' no loops!" he's hacking a new language where you don't specify what the computer should do and how instead, describing what it is you want. along with Some examples.
  • Serena 和 Francesca 正在为诺基亚研究中国农村地区手机用户的使用情况;研究之余,她俩创建了一个网络市场"田田",拉近了城市与农村的距离。
  • Serena Pollastri/Francesca - were commissioned by Nokia to study how rural areas of china use their mobile phones - they came up with an online marketplace for urban communities to trade directly with rural areas such as farms, tracking from farm to dinner plate.
  • 斯捷(微博号 Sijie_Amoy)在国内获得计算机自动化本科学位后,又远赴加拿大继续深造人机交互专业;2011加入Google担任用户体验设计师一职。本周将为大家展示他在加拿大学习之余自己动手制造的触摸桌面;没准你也想在家里的客厅里弄上一台?
  • Sijie (@Sijie_Amoy) is a designer and programmer. With a BA in Computer Automation and a Masters in HCI, he unlocks the future in his projects. He currently works at Google as a User Experience Designer since 2011. Today he will share how to build your own multi-touch table for your living room!

Upcoming Events/近期活动安排

超级无敌Arduino工作坊 - The Ultimate Arduino Workshop

  • 2012/08/18
  • http://xinchejian.com/event/?ee=140
  • 新车间最新力作Arduino工作坊期待与各路英豪齐奋斗!届时会用双语授课(中文及英语)
  • This brand new Arduino workshop will make you an Arduino hero in no time!

轻巧巡线小车工作坊 - Analog line follower workshop

  • 2012/08/25
  • http://xinchejian.com/event/?ee=138
  • 学习制作一台自我驱动且能够按照既定线路行驶的小车
  • Learn how to build a self-driving robot car that can follow a line.

机器车竞赛 - Roboracing Competition

  • 2012/08/26
  • http://xinchejian.com/event/?ee=137
  • 巡线小车都做完了,那... 是骡子是马,拉出来溜溜吧
  • It's time to race your self-driving robot car in the Roboracing competition!