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gone out tuesday!

Summary for Wednesday/本周三开放日综述 2012-08-01

We'll have 2 guests this weekend Saola and Damrey will be visiting - both tropical storms, while that's going on outside, we'll be building up a storm inside! it's time to get your hack on! 新车间中心气象台2012年7月31日21点发布的上海市创客天气预报:受台风"苏拉"和强热带"达维"影响,"新车间第1号热带风暴"将于本周三晚登陆长乐路1035号2楼。请各有关方面注意。

David and Roger will be running another mini workshop this weekend, this time you'll build your own simple hydroponics box to take home, with two different systems you'll need to let David know by Wednesday, 150 - 200 rmb in materials but you'll have a ready to use system to take home, contact david@xinchejian.com for more information. 农耕队的David和Roger将在本周六下午2点30分开展新车间迷你工作坊第二弹;这次是教你如何在家里建立一个简易的无土栽培系统。设备材料费预计在人民币150到200元左右;需要了解更多详情,或有兴趣参加的会员请务必在周三之前联系David: david@xinchejian.com

The awesome Barcamp is coming, sign up at http://www.techyizu.org/events/shanghai-barcamp-fall-2012/ for September - do it now, tell them you're from xinchejian! XinCheJian will make our presence known, last time XinCheJian ran operation "Occupy Barcamp", this season we're taking it a step up; if you want to be a part of the XinCheJian Barcamp movement - then contact nihaopaul@xinchejian.com 热闹非凡的上海Barcamp将于今年9月再次隆重登场。更多信息请访问网站 http://www.techyizu.org/events/shanghai-barcamp-fall-2012/ 回顾2011年的上海Barcamp,新车间的创客们成功策划了代号为"占领Barcamp"的秘密行动;今年的行动同样值得期待 - 没有最好,只有更好!有意加入组织的童鞋,请联系Paul: nihaopaul@xinchejian.com


if you have something to say, we want to hear, let us know if you wish to present on wednesday@xinchejian.com but please read the guidelines

若有兴趣和大家分享你的创客项目或是天马行空的想法,欢迎随时联系新车间 wednesday@xinchejian.com;并请访问网页,了解更多演讲者须知http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/Wednesday-guidelines


  • Spencer a demonstration of partkeepr, and how to find what you need in XinCheJian
  • Spencer将会演示如何在新车间空间里使用Partkeepr软件(电子部件的库存管理软件)
  • David and Roger on Urban Farming
  • David和Roger会聊聊都市农耕队的最新进展
  • Sunny Sun Jr. research and explosions
  • Sunny同学将和大家分享他的研究项目和炸弹计划

Wednesday Presenters/本周演讲者介绍

  • Spencer (XinCheJian)- Partkeepr, designed for use in places with lots of parts, like hackerspaces this tool will help you cost out your projects and also find what you're looking for and much more.
  • 新车间会员Spencer将为大家介绍Partkeepr - 电子部件的库存管理软件。它可以帮助跟踪你的可用零件,和协助计算项目所需零件的成本;专为创客空间与多个用户设计,同时也可以用它来管理个人的电子库存。
  • David and Roger (XinCheJian) will be talking about changing the farming area, along with their new Talapia, which have been named already!
  • 新车间会员David和Roger会来聊聊农耕队的最新进展,尤其要欢迎32名新成员 - 千里迢迢,跋山涉水,排除万难,从广西河池远道而来的野生罗非鱼。
  • Sunny Sun Jr (XinCheJian|not Agent squishy) at age unknown, but we guess he's not 18 yet - will be talking about his latest research into Ultrabright LEDS, tiny fast motors and HUGE electromagnets!
  • 新生力量Sunny同学(新车间众多童工之一)将会展示他的超级发明:超级亮LED灯,超级小高速马达,以及超级能量电磁铁!

Upcoming Events/近期活动安排

Arduino入门工作坊 (针对无电子和编程经验的人)

  • 2012/08/18
  • http://xinchejian.com/event/?ee=140
  • Arduino 入门工作坊 - 学习为开源硬件编程
  • Arduino workshop - learn how to program the most famous open-source piece of hardware.

轻巧巡线小车工作坊 - Analog line follower workshop

  • 2012/08/25
  • http://xinchejian.com/event/?ee=138
  • 学习制作一台自我驱动且能够按照既定线路行驶的小车
  • Learn how to build a self-driving robot car that can follow a line.

机器车竞赛 - Roboracing Competition

  • 2012/08/26
  • http://xinchejian.com/event/?ee=137
  • 巡线小车都做完了,那。。。是骡子是马,拉出来溜溜吧
  • It's time to race your self-driving robot car in the Roboracing competition!

About XinCheJian/新车间简介

新车间是以社区方式运行的非盈利创客空间,成立于上海。新车间的使命是支持、创建并推广物理计算、开源硬件和物联网。为了达成这个目标,新车间会积极举办讲座、研讨、项目、初创推广、工坊、竞赛,同时新车间也会参与国际竞赛。 我们的长期目标是在中国各地传播创客空间的理念以及推广创客的文化;期待你的加入和支持。 XinCheJian is a community-run hackerspace located in the heart of Shanghai. Our mission is to support technology projects through talks, discussions, projects, and competitions. We are a non-profit community-based organization, and your support is appreciated!

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