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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-04-19, 20:42 to 21:30
Staff: Roger, Ricky, Kevin, paul
Notes: Paul

Props and Announcements

Past Week's Events

  • Hydroponics with roger x10 - pretty good
  • VPN workshop - lukas - x15~ well attended.
    • slow teaching style, much appreciated
    • expectation to host.. "work until i understand it"

Coming Week's Events and Workshops

Later workshops

  • Earphones
  • How to Use Machine Room Workshop by Xinfab and Chris - Put off till April
  • Painting - Lu Feng (after Barcamp, Sunday April 3rd - maybe also ask Freda about it?)

XinCheJian Internship

  • interns that are graduating want to come to China and work on Z-Visa
    • graduates from Chinese universities (especially foreigners, technical)
    • international high school interns (SMIC) - summers & weekends; good to frame it as a view to get in a good university
    • Ricky to interviews
    • Min Lin has a list of place to post for internships
      • Ricky handling this.

FMB-Lite Robot Competition

  • Be our sponsor; can be 5 months, or a whole year then they can use our brand
  • PROPOSED: One non-exclusive public branded event per month that fit with XinCheJian mission
    • chris to update


  • RICKY is going to buy a new router (AC68U) on Taobao
    • ricky to use XCJ business name on invoice.

Japanese Hackerspace

visited XinCheJian a couple of weeks back

    • send makers to Tokyo (residence) hackers-in-residence in exchange for memberships
    • heavily sponsorship from government
    • write it down and announce it in a memorandum understanding
      • Introduction to them, via chris.

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): Freda and Ricky
  • Announcement: Chris (newsletter), Chris (WeChat)


Future of HAL

  • http://hal.lan/ - VirtualBox running on FreeBSD host
    • username: xinchejian
    • password: *********
  • Docker Setup
    • deployment scripts for VPNs/DNS need to be added.

vending machine

  • DFRobot/Min LIN: distribution machine is pending
    • pending update from minlin.. what are we waiting for.

Expanding the team

  • Eduardo is volunteering to join (nominated by Roger due efforts at making the food)
    • PROPOSED: two months probation as staff member


  • P&L, still slight profit/loss, still not stable revenues, postponed to April
    • Sit down with Kevin, Chris and Paul to go through the P&L

XinFab - Relationship

  • We need a commitment from XinFab on training for the machine room for May.

XCJ trademark

  • PAUL: Waiting on Paul. Paul print, sign and chop! (SEVEN weeks not done in a row)


Sponsorships updates:

  • Google: ANDI: Update? potential lead at Google, no pitch yet (cheap-mobile-for-India guy that is very keen to help hackerspaces)

Chris & Kevin to work on the below:

  • Staff to come up with retrospective of 2015 and our accomplishments
    • update events
    • new goals
    • media updates/coverage
      • Wan Gang & mayor of shanghai
  • goals for 2016
    • what did we do for the money we raised.
  • on going projects
    • Chris - some event once a year
    • Chris - invite other hacker spaces to shanghai
    • Kevin - training people about hackerspaces
    • Paul - one big party
    • Chris - bring everyone together to work on something.
      • need to dictate

Communication plan

  • Communication plan - APPROVED/TODO
  • review of the website (kevin)

Labeling equipment

  • Labeling the equipment that are our own with our stickers APPROVED/TODO
  • Xinchejian: Stickers -- ANDREA to make stickers
    • Budget 400 RMB.. andi!!!! update!

Space usage/large projects

    • Have a Contract for x months / project page
    • Require documentation on XinCheJian Wiki
    • Update project room rules
    • create application form

Staff Roles

    • IT: Ricky Ng-Adam, Paul Adams
    • SPONSORSHIP (Partnerships, Cooperations, Sponsorships): Kevin Chen
    • VISUAL, Pictures, XinConnect - Andrea Carlon
    • PARTY & BBQ: Roger Mu
    • MACHINES AND PARTS: Paul Adams
    • FINANCE: Treasury
    • MEMBERSHIPS: Manage memberships,
    • MARKETING: Communications, PR
    • SPACE ORGANIZATION: Machines and parts, space itself
    • INTERNAL EVENTS / WORKSHOPS: Events and Workshops
    • Everyone works with Space Manager

Xinchejian Rules Changelog

Rules rules_changelog