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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-01-26, 20:40 to 21:40
Notes: Ricky
Staff: Chris, Paul, Andi, Kevin, Ricky

Props and Announcements

  • LeoYan and Alec did the pull up bar
  • Chris very, very good on Singaporean TV chanel
  • Props boy scouts #2 (XinFab)

Past Week's Events

  • Boy scouts #2:
    • Machine again suffering from improper maintenance, refixed by Paul this evening (bandsaw different problem)
  • Assembling 3d printer workshop
    • offered by Jason, Chinese, fan of Chinese (RMB2600/member)
    • Jan 23rd, 13:00 - 20:00 - Jason

Coming Week's Events and Workshops =

  • Filming SBS South Korean in two weeks
  • wireless charging workshop by teacher huang - this Saturday
  • Arduino winter camp (LeoYan)
    • 8 kids, 10 to 16 years old (pre-signed up)
    • announced on XinCheJian and WeChat in Chinese
    • 800 RMB for non-member, 690 for members
    • 8 hours
    • additional material costs (Uno board and equipment)
    • making a piano

Workshops TBC

  • filming drone workshop, by andrew
  • robot workshop - programming - gerry

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): Chris
  • Announcement: Chris (newsletter), Chris (WeChat)


  • Yang Li: 3D printable objects for free sharing (my mini factory)
  • Xu Xian: I made a tank (toy tank)
  • Xie Tao: crowdfund a DIY satellite
  • Jason Nie: my 3D printing diary
  • Teacher Huang: Small physics demo

Spring festival

  • Vacations
    • Kevin: February 7th to 22nd
    • Paul: Jan 29th to Feb 22nd
    • Ricky: Jan 27th to Feb 10th
    • Roger: Feb 3rd to Feb 19th
    • Chris: TBD (next staff meeting)
    • Andi: TBD (next staff meeting)
    • any members present during the spring festival?
  • Chris to ask P2 for the 10 days of spring festival
    • what are the plans?
    • what will be the door policies?
    • what are the events restrictions?
    • will they turn off the power?
  • who will be here

Crypto Lounge

  • security hangout January 30th in P2 (TechYizu)

Hackerspace Work

  • Wifi is broken: Paul to fix hal with Lio remote support (attempted, failed, new DVD coming); Lio doesn't have an update yet
  • new casing for the hard drive
  • Kevin not heard from DFROBOT

Problems this Week

Staff Roles

    • IT: Ricky, Paul
    • SPONSORSHIP (Partnerships, Cooperations, Sponsorships): Kevin
    • VISUAL, Pictures, XinConnect - Andi
    • PARTY & BBQ: Roger
    • FINANCE: Treasury
    • MEMBERSHIPS: Manage memberships,
    • MARKETING: Communications, PR
    • SPACE ORGANIZATION: Machines and parts, space itself
    • INTERNAL EVENTS / WORKSHOPS: Events and Workshops
    • Everyone works with Space Manager

Xinchejian Rules Changelog

Rules rules_changelog

Group Picture of Staff

  • To take at XinCheJian anniversary party (March 26)
  • Roger to support the party
  • Paul to get the oven back from Amanda for next week

Wiki Staff Profiles

Required profile page on wiki for all staff.

Xinfab - Relationship

  • CHRIS/PLANNING: monthly training (60RMB, split between XinFab, XinCheJian) - also verify that the tools all work as expected

News Agency

  • China News Asia visit and their feedback



  • ANDI: will share a demo - on Github, Xinchejian
  • ANDI: will publish wireframes - on Github, Xinchejian
  • Online again soon!


XCJ trademark

  • PAUL: Waiting on Paul. Paul print, sign and chop! (four weeks not done in a row)



  • Google: ANDI: Update? potential lead at Google, no pitch yet (cheap-mobile-for-India guy that is very keen to help hackerspaces)
  • Microsoft: Lio is following up with Microsoft, guy is not getting back to him; follow up; follow follow up. Lio? KEVIN to follow up with Microsoft.

Sponsorship Presentation

Chris & Kevin to work on the below:

  • Staff to come up with retrospective of 2015 and our accomplishments.
    • update events
    • new goals
    • media updates/coverage
      • Wan Gang & mayor of shanghai
  • goals for 2016
    • what did we do for the money we raised.
  • on going projects

Proposal TODO

  • Communication plan - APPROVED/TODO
    • mucho confusion outside XCJ about roles and history of XinCheJian
    • who has which title (original founder, co-founders, stakeholders, staff, members employees) with titles and dates
    • the right way to represent itself externally
    • official index on wiki & blog post (Who's who)
  • Labelling the equipment that are our own with our stickers APPROVED/TODO


  • FMB collaboration - PROPOSED/NEEDINFO
    • Biggest questions: who is FMB? what are their expectations? Timeline?
    • Do a first meeting
    • 50K to XCJ if we help them organize the games
    • requirements?
    • send people to help in time
    • 30K/20K/10K prize
    • 100K awesome
    • Do we have the bandwidth? Arena to be built? Will cover the costs? High production event?
    • Who will take the actual responsibility?
      • did Amanda want to take this?
      • Someone to step up to take care of it? Forward to Robopeak and Mushroom Cloud?
      • Quadcopter Jerry? ROS's Bohan
      • Ricky is interested in the event design/leadership aspect?
    • Promotion on XinCheJian
  • Space Manager (paid by XinCheJian) is to welcome visitors. External groups and Wednesday Night operations is the Space Manager responsibility. May ask for help to staff members. If staff members notice something they don't like, they are to bring it up on WeChat or email first before intervening.

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