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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-01-19, 20:30 to
Notes: Ricky
Staff: Chris, Ricky, Paul, Andi, Roger

Props and Announcements

  • Props to Amanda and Chris for taking care of the Saturday
    • ended up cutting all the things
  • Prosthetic Hand Workshop was a big success (4 or 5 hours)
  • Andi brought the lead for the kids workshop

Past Week's Events

  • Boy scouts #1:
    • one thing went wrong due to improper maintenance
    • possibly last year working with them since they'll buy their own machines
    • Paul gave training to XinFab for the maintenance of the machine
  • Robotic Arm, payed workshop coming up
  • Z-brush workshop, a guy from tongji, Saturday the 16th: 13:00 - 17:00

Coming Week's Events =

  • Boy scouts #2:
    • Saturday 9:00 - 11:00:
    • Sunday: 16:00 - 18:00: maybe Paul
  • 3d-printer assembly, Jan 23rd, 13:00 - 20:00 - Jason

Workshops TBC

  • wireless charging workshop by teacher huang - TB
  • filming drone workshop, by andrew -
  • robot workshop - programming - gerry

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): Chris
  • Announcement: Chris (newsletter), Chris (WeChat)

Presentations (are being filmed tomorrow by Singaporean TV crew)

  • Zhang Nan'nan: my robot - Walle
  • Rudi from Plobot presentation: how using the community space to teach robotics
  • Teacher Huang: Small physics demo
  • French Girl: TBC

Spring festival

  • Vacations
    • Kevin: February 7th to 22nd
    • Paul: Jan 29th to Feb 22nd
    • Ricky: Jan 27th to Feb 10th
    • Roger: Feb 3rd to Feb 19th
    • Chris: TBD (next staff meeting)
    • Andi: TBD (next staff meeting)
    • any members present during the spring festival?
  • Chris to ask P2 for the 10 days of spring festival
    • what are the plans?
    • what will be the door policies?
    • what are the events restrictions?
    • will they turn off the power?
  • who will be here

Crypto Lounge

  • security hangout January 30th in P2

Hackerspace Work

  • Wifi is broken: Paul to fix hal with Lio remote support (attempted, failed, new DVD coming); Lio doesn't have an update yet
  • new casing for the hard drive
  • Kevin not heard from DFROBOT

Problems this Week


  • Amanda added Chris to WeChat

DF Robot Vending Machine Sponsorship Cooperation Options

  • No response yet
  • KEVIN will follow up with DF Robot
  • DF Robot has responded
  • Agreed to 40% of revenue
  • We pay for power
  • They are responsible for everything else
  • STAFF to confirm we are ok
  • Waiting on DF Robot to also confirm ok
  • Kevin to check on selling t-shirt through it
  • Ask for some tiny space


Staff Not Here

  • Ricky & Paul were there last weekend
  • Andi & Ricky & Greg for software
  • People on staff don't visit the space enough outside of staff meetings
  • People on staff don't visit the space during staff meetings.
  • Staff needs to do better.

Still open:

IT: Ricky, Paul SPONSORSHIP (Partnerships, Cooperations, Sponsorships): Kevin CORPORATE WORKSHOPS: Min Lin VISUAL, Pictures, XinConnect - Andi PARTY & BBQ: Roger MACHINES AND PARTS: paul REMAINDER: Amanda

Still unallocated: Edward, Freda, David? More roles:

    • TECH: IT stuff
    • FINANCE: Treasury
    • SPONSORSHIPS: Handle sponsorships old and new
    • MEMBERSHIPS: Manage memberships,
    • MARKETING: Communications, PR
    • PARTNERSHIPS / EXTERNAL EVENTS: Handling relationships with companies
    • SPACE ORGANIZATION: Machines and parts, space itself
    • INTERNAL EVENTS / WORKSHOPS: Events and Workshops
    • Everyone works with Space Manager

Xinchejian Rules Changelog

Rules rules_changelog

Group Picture of Staff

  • To take at XinCheJian anniversary party (March 26)
  • Roger to support the party
  • Paul to get the oven back from Amanda for next week

Wiki Staff Profiles

Required profile page on wiki for all staff.

Xinfab - Relationship

  • Access is an issue if no XinFab staff around.
    • Chris to manages this
    • Yuruky is the new XinFab space manager.
  • Last week, Paul had to clean the machine room, organized a few things, had to spend time fixing machine. Bandsaw couldn't have been fixed; improper parts were attached to it (bolt pushing sleeve apart). Jigsaw's blade was put upside-down
  • XinCheJian members complained about the maintenance
  • Solution: monthly training (60RMB, split between XinFab, XinCheJian) - also verify that the tools all work as expected
  • Boy Scouts: last year the workshop was run by XinFab (Sean, Lucio)
  • PussyKrew were invited by Lufeng (XinFab staff), Lufeng reached out for bigger group
    • Contact came through Lufeng NGO
    • PussyKrew, XinFab, Lufeng NGO, XinCheJian shared the proceeds from the workshops
  • XinCheJian hat vs XinFab hat vs anyone person's interest



  • ANDI: will share a demo - on Github, Xinchejian
  • ANDI: will publish wireframes - on Github, Xinchejian
  • Online again soon!


XCJ trademark

  • PAUL: Waiting on Paul. Paul print, sign and chop! (three weeks not done in a row)



  • Google: ANDI: Update? potential lead at Google, no pitch yet (cheap-mobile-for-India guy that is very keen to help hackerspaces)
  • Microsoft: Lio is following up with Microsoft, guy is not getting back to him; follow up; follow follow up. Lio? KEVIN to follow up with Microsoft.

Sponsorship Presentation

  • Staff to come up with retrospective of 2015 and our accomplishments.
    • update events
    • new goals
    • media updates/coverage
      • Wan Gang & mayor of shanghai
  • goals for 2016
    • what did we do for the money we raised.
  • on going projects


  • What ever is branded XCJ, staff members must have visibility into it - APPROVED
  • Communication plan - PROPOSED
    • mucho confusion outside XCJ about roles and history of XinCheJian
    • who has which title (original founder, co-founders, stakeholders, staff, members employees) with titles and dates
    • the right way to represent itself externally
    • official index on wiki & blog post (Who's who)
  • Labelling the equipment that are our own with our stickers

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