Weekly Staff Meetings/2016-01-10

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Staff Meeting Notes 2017-01-10, 20:20-22:30
Staff: Ricky, Freda, Roger, Kevin, Andi, Paul
Notes: Paul

Props and Announcements

Past events

  • Saturday 7th - Meetup/Food - Airship meetup - River Lan - Monday 2nd announcement (people signed up for memberships)

Coming Week's Events and Workshops


  • Helicoptor team - training for kids, first class for helpers? - after spring festival
  • Tool training and workshop, regular weekly, WongWeiDa - after spring festival.
  • Teacher huang, details to follow - after spring festival
  • Zoe - art workshop - freda to followup
  • maciej - ukulele workshop - freda to follow up.
  • TBD: Follow up PCB workshop by Paul (after holidays, for after Chinese New Year)

Wednesday Open Night

HOST: Freda

  • tuti chen - design and adventure of art projects and science.
  • teacher huang


Biggerlab Relationship

  • Document to be presented.


  • April, May rent from the official account
  • Members have used Alipay to pay XCJ but they sent to Amanda's account
  • HuoDongXing - Kevin and Andi to dig out CEO name card.
  • Freda to setup new Huodongxing to payment@xcj
    • We get a PAYG Sim + Phone. - Paul to do tomorrow.
  • put together an overview of XCJ and what we do for Government after spring festival - freda to own and share to larger group


  • Not enough money in the official business account to pay the rent
  • Ricky to take responsibility for the space - Ricky to update staff 20th of December.
  • Edward wants to change investor
  • To transfer biz from Qingpu to Jingan for local support - freda to support
    • Check with accountant, impact on business
    • Check with P2 if we need to change anything on our business license

Space Manager

  • Freda is now space manager
    • supported by the following staff members with photo: Roger, Kevin, Ricky, Andi, Paul, Eduardo
    • consider public posts and thank you for Chris - roger to write post due wednesday
    • post on: website, wechat

XinCheJian Cleanup

  • Freda: limited some areas to keep cleans
    • Aquaponics area -
    • Biolab - want to move to back room
    • CNC - to move to workshop


  • Biolab presentation day on Saturday (6-7 persons showed up)
    • only 2 specifically for Biolab
    • lack of marketing
  • Looking for safety hood for Biolab
  • Smelly (peppers in the oven)
  • Ventilation (installing fans, hole, platform)

Biolab 2

  • cnc move inside machine room (Old broke machine goes out), move this week.
  • biolab to move in the corner where the cnc currently is.

Xinchejian Rules Changelog

Rules Changes: rules_changelog


Sponsorships updates:

  • Need more articles: That's Shanghai, City Weekend
    • One media came to visit, may write an example

Auction postponed till February

  • December 14th, Alec Walker takes the job.


Government (January 14th)


  • Products naming: Delivery in Chinese New Year
    • wants to name the products
    • clean up project shelf; throw away old shit
    • add new products there

Space Safety (4 weeks no incidents)

  • Sensibilization
    • send out incidents elsewhere
    • make old and new members read about the charter
  • Enabling the individual members to call out individual safety first.
    • Call out safety to group, have a discussion, address objections.
    • if objections not addressed satisfactorily
    • Enforce safety workshop usage
  • Ban for people that present a risk as collectively assessed

Physical security also include making sure we don't get things stolen