Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-12-15

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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-12-15, 20:40 to
Notes: Andi
Staff:  Chris, Kevin, Amanda, (late: Roger)
Observers: ---

Thumbs up / Props / Congrats

  • We got JD event! Rented the space for 2 hours for our regular rate. 7.30-9.30


  • People on staff dont visit the space enough outside of staff meetings
  • People on staff don't visit the space during staff meetings.
    • Staff to attend at staff meeting at least twice per month.
    • And be on time is never on time.


  • At least do 2 meetings per month.
  • Amanda to form a proposal on minimum responsibilities of staff

License Update

  • Government needs company to update three licenses into one.
  • Accountant have everything and it should be done by the end of the week. Amanda and Chris are handling it.

le souhait Offers Discount on Beer

  • Le Souhait Offer XinCheJian members a discount of 20% off on beer.
    • They just give us flyers to show there and they will give us the discount.
    • Chris is receiving the flyers.

Template for proposal for XinCheJian

  • done, written, now market it and translate it.
  • kevin to follow up with ricky to create the autoresponder for the partnerships.

DFRobot Vending Machine Sponsorship Cooperation Options

PROPOSAL/ONHOLD (MIN LIN TO FOLLOW UP): Vending Machine Donation with us managing the inventory

  • Result:
    • DF-ROBOT wants to control stock - does not conflict with dfRobot products
    • Request a 20% space to be kept for XCJ (tshirts example, memberships)
    • No rev-share on XCJ products
    • Request 30% of price sold
    • Trial period - 6months trial
  • Kevin to write to Minlin to get final proposal.
    • Minlin sent us a proposal without the requests above
    • Minlin get back to DFROBOTS

This Week's Events

  • Atmel-JD Hardware Experience sharing salon. Thursday 17th/12.
    • Do promotion on social media channels (done)
    • Prepare water (bought)
    • Need wireless mic ( Amanda on it)
    • Chris will be there to help.

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): Chris
  • Announcement: Paul (newsletter), CHRIS (WeChat)
  • Presentations - Host: Chris
    • Rock: Make with a purpose (making and design thinking together)
    • Zhang: Differential mechanisms
    • Yao: How to be a full-stack developer
    • Teacher Huang: physics demos

  • Announcements
    • t-shirts for sale for 100RMB for non members, 50rmb to members
      • to demonstrate at open house, free gift for 1 year members.
      • 3 people done it
    • Profile page on wiki for all staff.
      • picture
      • intro


  • Minlin pushing to get LED bar donated to XCJ
    • Minlin... news?

XCJ trademark

  • Paul says useless
  • Kevin says do it, for 800 rmb just do it.
    • paul to do
  • We are waiting Paul. Paul sign and chop!

Problems this Week

  • figure out what we need for replacing missing ram.
  • chris to ask leoyan to find out what need to be bought.

Hacker scholarship

RICKY/CHRIS: to announce Hacker Scholarship ("Lioship" see below)

  • weekly update: remote control for xinchejian light. an old chinese guy is doing it.


  • We got a licence for six mont from Altium, need to be installed.
    • Leoyan can do it with the ram?


  • CHRIS to setup with DFRobot ordering account -> managers@xinchejian.com
    • AMANDA to write instructions and publish it.
  • More sponsorships?
    • CHRIS: Altium high-end PCB design (waiting on proposal for licenses - update after CNY);
      • Follow up on a training session
    • ANDI: potential lead at Google, no pitch yet (cheap-mobile-for-India guy that is very keen to help hackerspaces)
    • LIO: Lio is following up with Microsoft, guy is not getting back to him; follow up; follow follow up
    • proposal by Andi: sponsor a position

Group picture of staff

  • need to print the page, wiki, new website (profile)
    • Amanda to get new picture of staff members \o/


  • ANDI: will share a demo - on github, xinchejian
  • ANDI: will publish wires - on github, xinchejian
  • Online again by the end of the year!


  • paul to give ricky access to XCJ machine

Bouncer is not stable

  • Investigate, broken, report back to git issues.


PROBLEM: mini wants to give us only 20 cards. F@ck that.

  • PROPOSAL: 1 year + special cases. (Chris to menage i)

More Hackerspaces opening up

They can get in touch with us on staff@xinchejian.com

Chris Salary