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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-11-10, 20:30 to
Notes: Ricky
Staff:  Ricky, Paul, Amanda, Roger
Observers: Chris

Thumbs up / Props / Congrats


Cooperate With a Primary School

  • School: Yi Shi Fu Xiao (The primary school attached to Shanghai No.1 Normal School) on Wanhangdu road
  • Proposal:
    • Members do workshops there for kids in December. There would be 20 kids (7 to 10) around.
      • Asked: "Need to try to do a small workshop for two hours for free first." - NO SPEC WORK, FREE
      • Then host bigger workshop there. Fee could be RMB150 per student.
      • How much percentage should XinCheJian ask for?
      • PROPOSAL/PENDING: referral 15% net profit to XinCheJian

    • If the primary school can provide 50 members for XinCheJian, can we give them a discount on membership fee? How much?
    • Still discussing with the school and waiting for details.
    • PROPOSAL/REJECTED: XINCHEJIAN is not a good environment for large groups of young kids below 12 years old

"italki for geeks"

see: "Make Full Use of XCJ Resource" email

    • XCJ Marketing offer for teaching making skills (promoted XinCheJian website and Wechat)
    • Open only from members to members
    • no % to XinCheJian

Lioship Project

  • PROPOSAL/: Kin's CNC material for testing
    • Budget: RMB1100 for materials (aluminium) - bank account / fapiao
    • One time aluminium purchase for testing
    • CNC can be used by any XinCheJian member
    • Create account and wiki page for project of CNC
    • wrong use of lioship funding
    • material for destruction does not add to the idea behind the space, should consider raw materials donated to the space.

Organization of the space

  • PROPOSAL/ACCEPTED: LeoYan applied to staff to have RMB 500 as the budget to buy things to organize space.
    • spent a little more 500 (RMB529)
    • should pay him, chris to payout.

Template for proposal for XinCheJian

PROPOSA/ACCEPTED: create a single one pager that explains what we are looking for in proposal to send to people that want to collaborate

  • English
  • explain the mission clearly
  • set of questions to evaluate proposal
  • RICKY and KEVIN: auto-responder on proposal@xinchejian.com

Additional Assistant

  • PROPOSAL/APPROVED: find & hire EE fresh grad to provide technical assistance with inventory/electronics/ordering/support/use and doing workshops to teach electronics
    • our equivalent to Sean@XINFAB but with an electronics background
    • Volunteer: one high school student interested but only free on weekends. Call it "internship". CHRIS to contact him.
    • ask Sean@XINFAB if he could do it part-time; need someone with EE skillz
    • status: interviewed two interns with marketing and finance background.

DFRobot Vending Machine Sponsorship Cooperation Options

PROPOSAL/ONHOLD (MIN LIN TO FOLLOW UP): Vending Machine Donation with us managing the inventory

  • Result:
    • By email: Rick, Min Lin, Paul and Lio: A is the best option.
    • Roger thinks rental is easier, but not strong opinion.
    • Sean: who will decide what goes in under proposal A? What I want probably differs from most; DFRobot would probably cater to a wider, more casual audience. Also, won't a capital investment by XCJ be required to stock it?
    • Kevin: Proposal A can definitely be annoying, but I think it's probably the best thing for us? We should also have a sense of what sells. Proposal B is going to be messy, and will require us to audit DFRobot to make sure that we're making a fair "split". I would lean towards not giving this option. Proposal C is probably the most straightforward. We would need to decide on what we think is a fair rental rate. Any suggestions?
    • Machine is not ready; MINLIN to keep us up to date
    • need update from minlin on our deal/arrangement - paul to follow up

This Week's Events

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): Chris
  • Announcement: Paul (newsletter), CHRIS (WeChat)
  • Presentations
    • Robin: 3d printing something.
    • Leo Yan: breadboard plug-in
    • Teacher Huang: physics demos
  • Announcements
    • Intern and tech assistant recruitment
    • Announce and register for workshops (LeoYan Arduino compatible design workshop)
    • Show plan for the space and clean space for project
    • t-shirts for sale for 100RMB

Kids Hack a Day Shanghai

  • Entry level intro to Quirkbot (robots with straws) at 800show
    • Swedish consulate to pay for stuff
    • Arduino introduction at 800 show
    • Open public: 800show to the public
    • 13h00-18h00 (50 kids, 50 parents, 10 facilitators)
    • RICKY got some instructors interested, their fee is 100 RMB / hour
    • Thursday evening Nov. 5th, 19h30-22h30 APPROVED; RICKY to communicate date/time
    • Normally, this should have been only for members

Problems this Week

    • Hackacadmy had a workshop on at xinchejian on thursday, no announcement or information on the workshop
    • Ram missing from computers in the space, 2 donated computers dead.

Hacker scholarship

RICKY/CHRIS: to announce Hacker Scholarship ("Lioship" see below)

The hacker scholarship grant is marketing, propose project, have budgets, mentor, signup as partner, propose timeline, propose budget, 3 months, display at the space, property of the space.


    • any one staff member can sponsor a project
    • create a wiki page on projects (on wiki.xinchejian.com) and send it to the staff@xinchejian.com
    • purchase the components out of the already approved total hacker scholarship budget of 3K RMB (total)
    • reports how the money got spent at the staff meeting weekly
    • fast track limited to first THREE projects
  • PROPOSAL/APPROVED: Fingerprint scan project hardware to be reimbursed
  • Budget for Fingerprint?


  • Setup the Microsoft Azure BizSpark:
    • LIO to do the setup in HK to activate the instances; DONE
    • RICKY created an account on Bizspark
  • install Windows computers with BIzspark licenses
  • Baidu crawler pics up the wrong logo


  • CHRIS to setup with DFRobot ordering account -> managers@xinchejian.com
    • AMANDA to change the ordering account email
    • MINLIN: if not, will sort it out with ROCKETS
  • More sponsorships?
    • CHRIS: Altium high-end PCB design (waiting on proposal for licenses - update after CNY);
    • ANDI: potential lead at Google, no pitch yet (cheap-mobile-for-India guy that is very keen to help hackerspaces)
    • LIO: Lio is following up with Microsoft, guy is not getting back to him; follow up


  • Has a new payment cycle, 15th and 25th of the month
    • Investigate new event platform.


Improving Members XinCheJian experience


  • GREG already built the backend for XinConnect
    • place for members to join, signup and post projects
    • register to the platform by themselves
    • register interest / profile
    • backend in Drupal
  • RICKY meteor hackathon: CANDRA project (open source)
    • RICKY to deploy CANDRA for Xinchejian member presence

Group picture of staff

  • need to print the page, wiki, new website (profile)

OKRs for Chris

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