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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-10-20, 20:35 to 21:35
Notes: Lio
Staff: Roger, Min Lin, Ricky, Kevin, Andi
Observers: Chris


Chris: maker carnival was a great success. Andi: great footage!


Mission of the space

Something measurable, includes what we're doing and helps us make decisions on proposals.

  • PROPOSAL/MODIFIED: The mission of XinCheJian is to increase XinCheJian resources utilization by makers making projects they are proud to share to the community. Making is defined as DIY projects, making something from scratch, reproducing a project found online - whatever form of creation of something physical (electronics, mechanical and software that interact both).


  • number of projects completed / demoed
  • project-man-hours (number of people in space doing projects * hours)
  • proportion of projects built at XinCheJian presented on Wednesday


  • Partnerships with the right events (lots of makers and potential makers)
  • Work on the outdoor information area
  • Work on becoming more welcome

Changes to decision

  • decisions should support the mission (in general, supporting the makers)
  • no auto-rejection of decisions based on commercial/not commercial, focus on value/cost
  • although we welcome other non-physical projects, physical projects take the priority in our allocation of resources (space) and our focus


Maker Carnival

Saturday: Chris, Lio, Andi, Roger, Sam, Shiqi Sunday: Chris, Lio, Andi, Roger, Sam, Gaoshuai

  • Participation:
    • Laurent: Cymatic Sand Sound Visualiser, didn't show up.
    • Camilo: Plobot and Multipo Robots, no prototype.
    • Sean: Ultrasonic Levitator attracted lots of attention, didn't work; lightning got a lot of attention as well
    • Roger: Non-Visual Collision Prevention System (NVCPS), made it work at the end of the Maker Carnival.
    • Lio: LioBar™. Sofa Car worked at the end of the Carnival, attracted lots of attention and some interviews.
    • Zoe: ReBag - Sustainable Creative Design Be Inspired and Inspiring. Succeeded, need to prepare workshop soon.
    • Ark: Rhino Arduino workshop succeed, need to prepare workshops soon.
    • Chris & Volunteers: XinCheJian PCB & LED Light Logo Workshop
    • Andi: Interview, videos and pictures.
    • Sam: helped moving stuff to and off truck!
  • Preparation & Result:
    • Space Preparation: 1 member box for Sean; 1 member box for Roger; 1 small box for Lio; 1 small box for Camilo; 1 big box for Laurent. Zoe will take their projects herself. Result: 2 member boxes and 3 bags.
    • Transportation: how to move sofa car and Liobar? A truck? Do we have the contact from last year? What’s the budget? Result: ordered a truck with 350 one way, convenient and split the cost with XinFab.
    • Extension cords: 2 on each booth, in total 8. Result: enough.
    • XinCheJian poster: need four XinCheJian posters and some fliers, do we have the template already? Result: Andi offered some templates and made some posters by hand at the Carnival.
    • Project posters: 2 Sean’s projects; 1 Lio’s; got Camilo and Zoe prepare it themselves. Result: Camilo and Laurent didn't show up. Backup projects - Ark's Rhino Workshop worked pretty well.
    • Maker Passport: 50 pieces; XinCheJian stamp. Result: ordered 100 from Chaihuo. Sold 50 to Mushroom Cloud, 20 to Fablab with zero profit.
    • Do we need a sign-up sheet for attendees? Result: too many people, didn't work.
  • Conclusion: there's lots of projects for kids and commercial products. Less than 20,000 people showed up, because the organizer charged money for the tickets.
  • Missing:
    • Introduction/poster
    • Intro cards only have English on them; ANDI to make Chinese version

Organization of the space

  • See LeoYan email organization (updated)
  • LeoYan applied to staff to have RMB 500 as the budget to buy things to organize space.
    • Noisebridge just built a system to track components; staff will receive mail with link
    • Kevin: XinFab has nice cardboard boxes, cheap (Lio: not suitable for small components)
    • translations Chinese
    • there is NO 3D PRINTERS table (move out the big printer donation to XinFab)
      • move the donated printer to XinFab
      • Amanda's printer is her private projects, not for member use
    • Identify work tables as "Cleared everyday"
    • software installation of Bizspark (Chris to asks AMANDA to transfer Bizspark licenses) LIO
    • Update Machine Room to indicate XinFab half; DONE
    • tag projects with QR code (https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com) to projects (http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/Category:Project)
    • QR Code printer stickers
  • top priority
    • DFRobot distributor vending machine for beginners to get kits; DFROBOT to contact us
    • sort the components (more value to the makers) LEO
  • Findability
    • Listing of tools and projects built here would attract and convince makers to come
    • Posters, listing on the box, listing on the website
    • Noisebridge's Milo introduced their component tracking system

Cooperate with A Startup Competition Organizer

  • If XinCheJian gives them projects, they will give XinCheJian benefits. Not sure about the details yet, AMANDA will discuss with them after we decide to cooperate with them

Template for proposal for XinCheJian

PROPOSAL: create a single one pager that explains what we are looking for in proposal to send to people that want to collaborate

  • English
  • explain the mission clearly
  • set of questions to evaluate proposal
  • RICKY and KEVIN: auto-responder on proposal@xinchejian.com

Additional Assistant

  • Chris (workshop/events/marketing manager)
  • PROPOSAL/APPROVED: find & hire EE fresh grad to provide technical assistance with inventory/electronics/ordering/support/use and doing workshops to teach electronics
    • our equivalent to Sean@XINFAB but with an electronics background
    • Volunteer: one high school student interested but only free on weekends. Call it "internship". CHRIS to contact him.
    • ask Sean@XINFAB if he could do it part-time; need someone with EE skillz

DFRobot Vending Machine Sponsorship Cooperation Options

PROPOSAL/ONHOLD (MIN LIN TO FOLLOW UP): Vending Machine Donation with us managing the inventory

  • Result:
    • By email: Rick, Min Lin, Paul and Lio: A is the best option.
    • Roger thinks rental is easier, but not strong opinion.
    • Sean: who will decide what goes in under proposal A? What I want probably differs from most; DFRobot would probably cater to a wider, more casual audience. Also, won't a capital investment by XCJ be required to stock it?
    • Kevin: Proposal A can definitely be annoying, but I think it's probably the best thing for us? We should also have a sense of what sells. Proposal B is going to be messy, and will require us to audit DFRobot to make sure that we're making a fair "split". I would lean towards not giving this option. Proposal C is probably the most straightforward. We would need to decide on what we think is a fair rental rate. Any suggestions?
    • Machine is not ready; MINLIN to keep us up to date

This Week's Events

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): LIO
  • Announcement: CHRIS (newsletter), CHRIS (WeChat)
  • Presentations
    • Maker carnival; ANDI to show raw footage
    • teacher Huang: small demos physics
    • Kin Su: CNC Making Share
    • LeoYan: Advanced Arduino Uno + plan for space
    • ALEC to introduce whatever
  • Announcements
    • Volunteers
    • Shanghai Barcamp 24th (speakers and volunteers)
    • Announce and register for workshop
    • Show plan for the space
    • tech assistant

Hacker scholarship

RICKY/CHRIS: to announce Hacker Scholarship ("Lioship" see below)

The hacker scholarship grant is marketing, propose project, have budgets, mentor, signup as partner, propose timeline, propose budget, 3 months, display at the space, property of the space.


    • any one staff member can sponsor a project
    • create a wiki page on projects (on wiki.xinchejian.com) and send it to the staff@xinchejian.com
    • purchase the components out of the already approved total hacker scholarship budget of 3K RMB (total)
    • reports how the money got spent at the staff meeting weekly
    • fast track limited to first three projects
  • APPROVED: Fingerprint scan project hardware to be reimbursed


  • Setup the Microsoft Azure BizSpark:
    • LIO to do the setup in HK to activate the instances; DONE
    • RICKY help with the Microsoft Azures cloud services
    • AMANDA to add ricky@xinchejian.com as Bizspark admin


  • CHRIS to follow with DFRobot ordering account (amanda@xinchejian.com -> managers@xinchejian.com)
    • AMANDA to change the ordering account email
    • MINLIN: if not, will sort it out with ROCKETS
  • more sponsorships?
    • CHRIS: Altium high-end PCB design (waiting on proposal for licenses); follow up weekly
    • ANDI: potential lead at Google, no pitch yet (cheap mobile for India guy that is very keen to help hackerspaces)
    • LIO: Lio is following up with Microsoft, guy is not getting back to him; follow up

Future Events

  • Barcamp - Saturday October 24th at NYU Shanghai
    • Occupy Barcamp volunteers (need 8): Roger, Chris (if next weekend), Kin (ask), Gael (ask), Sean (ask), Zoe (ask)
  • Amanda: jingan officials at Wednesday 3pm
  • Ricky: canadian blah at 2pm

Swedish Consulate

  • Entry level intro to Quirkbot (robots with straws)
    • Swedish consulate to pay for stuff
    • Arduino introduction at 800 show
    • Open public: 800show to the public
    • 10am to 4pm (50 - 100 people)
    • RICKY got some instructors interested, their fee is between 0 and 600 RMB / hour
    • Thursday evening Nov. 5th, need 3 hour space for training the people APPROVED; RICKY to communicate date/time

Improving Members XinCheJian experience


  • Forum for XinCheJian (members)
  • has some social network features
  • Greg is a developer
  • GREG to present to Andi on Sunday his membership system
  • ANDI to finalize and send it to CHRIS
  • Communicate the survey to KEVIN to get an opinion (CHRIS to keep him updated)
    • There are WeChat surveys
    • Also SurveyMonkey
  • RICKY meteor hackathon: CANDRA project (open source)
    • RICKY to deploy CANDRA for Xinchejian member presence


  • t-shirt design with XinCheJian logo: 20 to 25 RMB, sell for 50 RMB
    • T-shirts have been ordered, KEVIN are they coming soon?
    • PAUL/EDWARD: reimbursement from official bank account
    • DONE! They will arrive at NYU on Saturday; ROGER to bring back the t-shirts
    • KEVIN to give fapiao info to The Dude
    • KEVIN and CHRIS to decide how to pay

NoVa Labs

  • LEGO sponsorship?
  • "Associate membership" $50/mo. come and go when open
  • "Full member" on application approval $100/mo. for keycard and full access

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