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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-09-01, 20:00 to 21:00
Notes: Ricky
Meeting Organizer: Ricky
Staff: Ricky, Paul, Kevin, Lio, Amanda, Min Lin,
Late: Andi, Freda
Observers: Chris, Idriss




  • First 3 days with Chris
  • Financed through the money box
  • See email "Proletarian agents" email (decision for the budget) and "Candidate for space/event manager" (decision about candidate Chris Zhang).
  • 1550 memberships: 9 new members, 1 old renew = 92 members, 255 members expired
    • survey active members
  • Louis Lu: rent the space next door, will confirm, move glasses doors,
    • p2: People Squared will confirm tomorrow
  • Lio is hosting the Wednesday event

Staff membership

Membership & Cash

Box Rental


Roles to prepare information before the meeting:

Support Staff Manager Update

Manages Support Staff: RICKY and SEAN: mostly interns, we want more interns, make intern program more regular

  • Patrick Lambert
  • CET program: interns xinchejian, xinfab
  • internships school year

Treasurer Update


Corporate Workshops



  • RICKY: External LCD screen to advertise with XinCheJian slideshow
    • all our videos in a continuous loop
    • ANDI upload the video on Youtube
  • Goal (intern: Kevin Yu): Introduction video of Xinchejian to public

This Week's Events

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): LIO
  • Announcement: PAUL (newsletter), AMANDA (WeChat)
  • Presentations tomorrow
    • Bohan Lou: ROS robots
    • Gino Yu: science of consciousness
    • Maciej: kindergarten making workshop
    • Andrew: ATLAS (aerial filming drone)
    • Kent Zaitlik: Air quality monitoring presentation
    • Teacher Huang: negative pressure container
  • Announcements
    • CCC SDR picture with group of Chinese (gift)
    • 3d modeling and printing workshop on Friday September 11th
    • Hacker Scholarship (the Lio Fellowship), separate post

3d modeling workshop & printing Friday September 11th

  • Next Friday: Cura & design software fusion 360
    • Amanda led workshop
    • RMB200 workshop per person, half (RMB100) to XinCheJian
    • Announcements to be done with the help of CHRIS

Hacker scholarship

RICKY/CHRIS: to announce Hacker Scholarship (see below)

The hacker scholarship grant is marketing, propose project, have budgets, mentor, signup as partner, propose timeline, propose budget, 3 months, display at the space, property of the space.


    • any one staff member can sponsor a project
    • create a wiki page on projects (on wiki.xinchejian.com) and send it to the staff@xinchejian.com
    • purchase the components out of the already approved total hacker scholarship budget of 3K RMB (total)
    • reports how the money got spent at the staff meeting weekly
    • fast track limited to first three projects


  • Setup the Microsoft Azures
    • RICKY help with the MIcrosoft Azures cloud services
    • LIO to do the setup in


  • DFRobot vending machine:
    • this could also get useful - is it a donation?
    • get a commission from them or space rental?
    • can we sell stuff our own stuff?
    • AMANDA to pass on to CHRIS
    • CHRIS to follow with DFRobot ordering account (amanda@xinchejian.com -> managers@xinchejian.com)
  • more sponsorships?
    • ANDI: potential lead at Google, no pitch yet (cheap mobile for India guy that is very keen to help hackerspaces)
    • LIO: Lio is following up with Microsoft
    • MIN LIN: laser cutter (referred to XinFab)

Future Events

Design Thinking

  • Paid Design Thinking workshop: workshop for designers (half-day, details need to be worked out)
  • ask CHRIS to do the workshop
  • KEVIN is interested in getting udpates

Corporate Pernod-Ricard Workshop

MIN LIN to pass corporate workshop Pernod-Ricard to Chris

  • Doesn't want a team building workshop, but does want a few recommendations for workshops
    • needs suggestions of workshops
    • probably run during the business week

Other Events


  • 2min Film festival using mobile camera at Shanghai Tech - September 19th (unannounced)
    • announce a film workshop
    • first day script writing, storyboarding, shooting
    • CHRIS to learn from their mistakes and do a better one
  • Barcamp - October 26th at a beautiful location (NYU Shanghai)

Mitch Altman

  • second week of October (see Noisebridge page)

Maker Carnival

  • Shanghai Maker Carnival - October 17th, October 18th
    • announcement made at XinCheJian
    • CHRIS to act liaison with Shanghai Maker Carnival
    • Paul & Sean would be interested to go
  • ANDI to upload the video from 2014

Past Events

Open discussions

XinFab collaboration

  • PROPOSAL/ACCEPTED: XinCheJian + XinFab: two posters next to each other (one-liner + pricing)
    • CHRIS to print the v3 version
    • ANDI to do the follow up with Danny

Improving Members XinCheJian experience

Andi & Greg

  • Forum for XinCheJian (members)
  • has some social network features
  • Greg is a developer
  • ANDI to finalize and send it to CHRIS
  • Communicate the survey to KEVIN to get an opinion (CHRIS to keep him updated)
    • There are WeChat surveys
    • Also SurveyMonkey

XinCheJian Goals

Rules & Regulations

Makers profile

  • create wiki page for our ourselves
    • for alumni members
    • for past members
    • for profiled members
  • profile


  • business visa
    • invitation letter
    • one year, maximum stay 60 days
    • French citizens need to fly back to their own country (tourist visa)


  • t-shirt design with XinCheJian logo: 20 to 25 RMB, sell for 50 RMB
    • KEVIN: simple logo: black t-shirt, white logos, logo on the front, characters on the sleeve

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