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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-08-11, 20:00 to 21:30
Notes: Ricky
Meeting Organizer: Ricky
Staff: Ricky, Paul, Roger, Amanda
Late: Andi
Observers:  Danny, Eva, Sean/XinFab, Lemon
Interns: Michelle is on vacation for a couple weeks, Kevin is in France


  • Yu finished 3rd Arduino workshops
  • PAUL: moved xinchejian.com site to Linode Tokyo instance


Junk Pile

  • Lio complained that there was stuff useful that was getting thrown; please go through outgoing pile and label it

Managing the Ayi

Membership & Cash

  • need to go through the money boxes weekly
  • Paul wants to do it monthly

Box Rental

  • Kevin Yu (the intern) is abroad
  • Need to think of a system
    • Restate: 30 RMB / month
    • track who paid and who didn't (with the bouncer system?)
    • in the meantime, keep manual system working: track down who has which box? free the box or collect rental fee


Roles to prepare information before the meeting:

Support Staff Manager Update

Manages Support Staff: RICKY and SEAN: mostly interns, we want more interns, make intern program more regular

  • CET program: interns xinchejian, xinfab
  • internships school year
  • high school gaokao of 20 hours volunteer time

Treasurer Update

Responsible for finances. No changes from last time Edward sent update to staff.


  • RICKY to come up with a generic reply email and instructions for how to set it for Gmail
  • Communication - Responsible for managing PR, inquiries, representing the space, etc
  • PROPOSAL: asks visitors for donation, buy hackerspace passport or become member

Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops

  • MIN LIN: no promise, but will try to prepare something for next week
    • Need more marketing video material
    • corporate workshops are difficult because we want to do it in the weekday
    • RICKY needs to make a new robot
    • RICKY to learn something and teach it


Postponed for next week

  • Next generation: Staff, Members, Interns, Employees, Partners, Corporate customers (workshops)
  • New staff members, no continuity plan for the future


  • RICKY: External LCD screen to advertise with XinCheJian slideshow
    • all our videos in a continuous loop
    • ANDI upload the video on Youtube
  • Goal (intern: Kevin Yu): Introduction video of Xinchejian to public
  • Coming to XinCheJian at Friday 11am for Shanghai metro
  • PROPOSAL: budget of 300 RMB out of petty cash for posters to post information about the space in the space

This Week's Events

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): Amanda & Andi
  • Announcement: Paul (newsletter), Amanda (WeChat)
  • Presentations
    • Motorcycle: off-the-shelf part, may want to present
    • Andi & Greg presentation: project for XinCheJian to interview members to improve XinCheJian
    • Sean: ultrasonic levitator
    • Paul: to do the mailing list

From Maker's Hour: Makers's hour: roundtable, to go to the Wednesday announcement

  • last week: only 2 makers sat at the rountable

XPRIZE Think Tank

  • PROPOSAL/ACCEPTED: Run XPRIZE meetup at 8pm on Wednesday as XinCheJian sponsored event
  • PROPOSAL: "XinCheJian logos hosted" on marketing material
  • PROPOSAL: blog posts on xinchejian.com to one a week
  • PROPOSAL: XPRIZE Think Tank listed in the wiki.xinchejian.com projects

Arduino Workshops

  • discrependancies between money we collected and actual workshop

Hacker scholarship

The hacker scholarship grant is marketing, propose project, have budgets, mentor, signup as partner, propose timeline, propose budget, 3 months, display at the space, property of the space.


    • any one staff member can sponsor a project
    • create a wiki page on projects (on wiki.xinchejian.com) and send it to the staff@xinchejian.com
    • purchase the components out of the already approved total hacker scholarship budget of 3K RMB (total)
    • reports how the money got spent at the staff meeting weekly
    • fast track limited to first three projects


  • Edward has concerns about spread out IT ownership across multiple members
    • use XinCheJian, use Paypal for payment
    • host in China


  • DFRobot vending machine:
    • this could also get useful - is it a donation?
    • get a commission from them or space rental?
    • can we sell stuff our own stuff?
    • AMANDA to follow up
  • more sponsorships?
    • ANDI: potential lead at Google
    • LIO: Lio is following with Microsoft

Future Events

Design Thinking

need update

  • workshop leads proposed: Simone and Azure (on honliday)
  • PAUL will follow with a date next week (still need)
  • Design Thinking: workshop for designers (half-day, details need to be worked out)

Pernod-Ricard Workshop

MIN LIN has the update from ROGER, follow up

  • Doesn't want a team building workshop, but does want a few recommendations for workshops
    • needs suggestions of workshops
    • probably run during the business week

Ella Hackathon workshop

  • LIO will organize for next weekend (August 23rd?)
  • WeChat group for people interesting in joining

Arduino Hackathon

Sponsor and run the Hackathon (canceled, arduino.cn thinks it's too complicated to do the counter-proposal)

Other Events


    • Fail faster - August (28th, 29th)
    • 2min Film festival - September
    • Barcamp - October ~20th

UAE delegation visit

    • yes to visit, will accept them
    • Amanda, Lio, Kevin to help host.
    • maybe September, they didn't reply to Paul, still no follow up

Maker Carnival

  • Maker carnival - October 17th/18th

Visitors from Taiwan

  • Michael Liao (stakeholder, giver of tools): see email forwarded to staff (rovergu)
  • august 28th or August 31st

Past Events

Open discussions

XinFab collaboration

  • PROPOSAL/ACCEPTED: Get regular observer from XinFab (example: Eva Xiao)
  • PROPOSAL: XinCheJian + XinFab: two posters next to each other (one-liner + pricing)
    • RICKY and Eva: text content and send to Andi
    • XinCheJian: wide variety of activities, focus on the physical (IoT, robotics, urban farming)
    • XinFab: digital manufacturing with specific machines (laser cutter, cnc, 3d printers) with services and support
    • Visual design and presentation, different colors

XinFab pricing:

  • XinFab are rethinking their membership pricing
  • Lucio August 27th 2015
  • XinFab: shared equipment bought or donated through XinCheJian, 3d printers weren't maintained
  • 1000 RMB: space and maintenance of the power tools

XinCheJian Goals

Rules & Regulations

  • Bylaws: https://github.com/xinchejian/bylaws
    • please review as staff
  • Discussion about name: ANDI doesn't approve Bylaws; Italians would disregard them^^
    • Rules or Regulations to be used instead

Improving Members XinCheJian experience

Andi & Greg

  • Forum for XinCheJian (members)
  • has some social network features
  • Greg is a developer