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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-07-28, 8:15 PM to 9:15 PM
Notes: Ricky
Meeting Organizer: Ricky
Staff: Min Lin, Ricky 
Late Staff: Andi
Interns: William, Kevin
Observers: Lio 


Applause for below

  • Bouncer tracking mac address with bouncer system (you need to be registered to use XinCheJianMembers)
  • Congrats on the labeling system for the storage boxes
  • ANDI (and interns for printing it) made the poster with tagging instructions
  • William Kim for last day of internship, good job!


tracking storage boxes

Junk Pile

  • 1 more day to claim
  • Final date: 29 July 2015 - JUNK WILL BE TERMINATED
  • Prioritize pile and throw things we KNOW should be thrown away on Thursday
  • Do something with the junk to do cool hackathon or set it on fire


Box Rental

  • Need to think of a system
    • Restate: 30 RMB / month
    • track who paid and who didn't (with the bouncer system?)
    • in the meantime, keep manual system working: track down who has which box? free the box or collect rental fee


Roles to prepare information before the meeting:

Support Staff Manager Update

Manages Support Staff: RICKY and SEAN: mostly interns, we want more interns, make intern program more regular

Proposal: Interns can take on many of the tasks that we've had in mind for a full-time position at XinCheJian in addition to providing a valuable service to the community by providing entry-level work experience to high school and college students. With that in mind, we should create a benefits package for interns to create an incentive for them to join and work seriously towards the space benefits

PROPOSAL: incentives for interns that are committed to 100+ hours in minimal 5 hours/day:

  • manager day-to-day
  • clear set of measurable OKRs
  • free membership for the duration of the internship + 1 month after internship
  • recommendation at the end of internship (blog post, LinkedIn, email)
  • reimbursement of 10 RMB for transportation per day
  • referral for level 2 internship with our partners and sponsors (ex: DFRobot)
  • help at least complete one physical computing project presented to the community

Treasurer Update

Responsible for finances

  • PAUL (gatekeeper) and FREDA


  • Financial status: update google spreadsheet. Updated by William.
  • William to grant access to finances spreadsheet and explain to update it


Communication - Responsible for managing PR, inquiries, representing the space, etc: LIO, AMANDA: No updates

Wednesday Event Manager

Wednesday night event manager: AMANDA, PAUL

Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops

  • MIN LIN: no promise, but will try to prepare something for next week
  • Need more marketing material


Postponed for next week

  • Next generation: Staff, Members, Interns, Employees, Partners, Corporate customers (workshops)
  • Should we protect ourselves against liability (insurance)?
  • Should we have one or two persons?
  • APPROVED AT THE MEETING/CONFIRMED: we want to have a paid employee hired in the next month
  • Hanyon Wu (junior software developer, speaks Italian/English/Japanese/Chinese) dropped out due to more interesting internship



  • Goal: Introduce Xinchejian to public
  • Kevin Yu continues working on it.
  • William to give Arduino workshop video to Kevin

This Week's Events

Wednesday Open Night

  • Host (Chinese/English): Ricky & Kevin
  • Makers night (8pm and on): Ricky & Kevin
  • Announcement: ???

Thursday Night

  • Ricky we'd like to having XPRIZE meetup in XinCheJian: Thursday evening
  • PROPOSAL: non-profit, community-oriented, non-commercial, technology events can be opened to all
  • Alternatives: Hero Center and EF
  • Robots meetup might be conflicting?

Arduino Workshops

  • Given by our new intern, Yu Sun
  • Three consecutive Arduino workshops in Chinese (Arduino I, Arduino II, Arduino III)
  • Sunday morning 10am: July 26th, August 2nd, August 9th
  • One event completed
  • Focus on high school seniors and university sophomores with interest in Electronic Engineering
  • Uses the DFRobot Arduino Kit, requires XCJ membership

Hacker scholarship

  • PROPOSAL: any one staff project can sponsor a project and purchase the components out of the already approved budget
    • do the least process possible, don't have a committee decide, use trust in the staff member
    • report how the money got spent at the staff meeting

Future Events

Design Thinking

need update

  • workshop leads proposed: Simone and Azure
  • PAUL will follow with a date next week (still need
  • Design Thinking: workshop for designers (half-day, details need to be worked out)

Pernod-Ricard Workshop

need update

  • Doesn't want a team building workshop, but does want a few recommendations for workshops
    • needs suggestions of workshops
    • probably run during the business week

Ella Hackathon workshop

  • LIO will organize for next weekend (August 9th)
  • WeChat group for people interesting in joining

Arduino Hackathon

  • 1000 RMB to organize the whole thing.
  • Xinchejian Hackathon (with their help)
  • Arduino Shanghai Online Community Hackathon (non-profit?): http://arduino.cn
  • AMANDA sent the proposal on staff, KEVIN has comments, AMANDA to follow up
    • Arduino.cn event is already sponsored

Other Events

Xinchejian Book Club??

  • AMANDA asking if she can run a book club
  • KEVIN strongly against
  • Decision is to just have a discussion. NO BOOK CLUB.


    • Fail faster - August
    • Barcamp - October
    • 2min Film festival - September

UAE delegation visit

    • yes to visit, will accept them
    • Amanda, Lio, Kevin to help host.
    • maybe September, they didn't reply to Paul.

Maker Carnival

  • Maker carnival - 17/18th October

Past Events

Rules & Regulations

  • Bylaws: https://github.com/xinchejian/bylaws
    • please review as staff
  • Discussion about name: ANDI doesn't approve Bylaws; Italians would disregard them^^
    • Rules or Regulations to be used instead