Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-03-24

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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-03-24
Attendance: Lio, Paul, Mika, Roger, Kevin, Amanda


  • To lio for sending out the thankyou

XinCheJian Birthday Party - March 26 - Thursday

  • Party scheduled March 26
  • Party = Yes
  • Budget Proposed = 2,000 RMB - roger suggests spend all money on booze
  • 7:30pm - Start.
  • Invite everybody - need headcount (60people ish)
    • book chuan-er guy - Lio is doing (8pm - 10pm 600rmb - 800rmb)
    • fruit + wine = sangria - 600rmb Amanda to organize
    • keg: 620rmb with glasses.
    • smoke machine & frig'n lazers!
  • Andrea - organized DJ yo! ( no update )
  • need to work with P2, update them on our plan - Amanda
  • lio to organize with security.


  • Add: Paul Iglesia: sustainability connect (finished)
  • Chris Dude, partner of a startup doing AR/VR - amanda to send details to lio.

Who is XCJ Staff? / How it is managed?

  • ANDREA: Make a board to show staff. Working on it now. printing

Transparency for Finances

  • Should XinCheJian try to show all of its finances. OK
  • KEVIN to create financial template.

Advanced Workshops

  • Paul & Simone - unmask V2
  • Design thinking - Azure & iHan agreed, but want to limit scope for half a day and control size

Xinchejian Event Calendar

  • Calendar System:
  • LIO: To do research. Outlook.com can't be embedded.
  • PAUL to setup proxy for existing google calendar - Working on it still.. fuck forgot about that



  • Mailed, no reply. on holiday

Revising Document


CES Asia (End of May)

  • ANDREA to do the research
  • ANDREA to make a plan

Administration of technology of China, hosting at cultural palace of nationalities, asking for 5 projects from XCJ.

  • Paul proposes: send Aaaiiirrr, idea box, suckway, sofakart, and roger
  • Amanda to investigate if they have a budget.

Solarplane lands in Nanjing in April 7th, invitation only, its a Tuesday.

  • offer tickets to members and sponsors from 2 people.
  • to download the press release


  • Sun. April 12th.
  • announce, make workshop on Sat. April 11th, get intel involved for Edison sponsorship
  • lio and amanda are handling that.


  • Xinchejian T-shirt
  • Kevin is now taking over the t-shirt.
  • t-shirt design competition?? amanda to arrange competition :D


  • Arduino with lio - Sunday 10am is merging saturday

Amanda Agenda items

  • a member who’s in 3D printing business would like to offer free printing service to XinCheJian members. do we accept the offer?
    • conflict with our XinFab Friends.
    • amanda to get link
  • david sent me a registration paper for XinCheJian to apply for 'zhong chuang kong jian' (collective innovation space???) program that's supported by government, via which XinCheJian could apply for government funding. shall we register? if no, please let David know.
    • was discussed, but paul & mika feels strongly against it.
    • staff said "Nnnoooo"

new items for the week

  • General secretary dude is visiting on Thursday David will be here.
  • Print out a FAQ. Kevin to help draft. Amanda and everyone else interested will add and edit.
  • 3D modeling and design meetup is now Friday - Autodesk is sending people to sponsor the group for computers.
    • Amanda to find out details on hardware and software. z600 workstation.
    • cannot install pirated software on it.
    • autodesk will help out with furniture, need a list.
    • kevin to open a google document and share with staff (sent)
  • financial updates (kevin, amanda, freda)
    • looks good to kevin.
  • 3d printer company wants to host event at XCJ, 30,000rmb
  • carmon from TICPICTP, DAFF, would like to host 2 workshops on saturday and sunday.
    • safer to say no because most workshops involve hardware and budget does not work with hardware.