Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-03-03

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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-03-03
Attendance: Amanda, Lio, Freda, Kevin, Mika

Teacher Huang?

  • Not really sure how Xinchejian works
  • Up to him to come back


  • All done

Urban Planning Museum - Hackerspace Demo

  • Shanshan didn't respond. So done... unless she replies.

Xinchejian Birthday Party - March 26 - Thursday

  • Party scheduled March 26
  • Party = Yes
  • Budget Proposed = 2000 RMB
  • Invite everybody
  • Andrea to help
  • Everybody to pitch in ideas.

Who is XCJ Staff? / How it is managed?

  • ANDREA: Make a board to show staff. Working on it now.

Transparency for Finances

  • Should XinCheJian try to show all of its finances. OK
  • Kevin to create financial template.
  • I will do this.

Advanced Workshops

  • EDWARD ?? Not here
  • LUCIO ?? Not here

Xinchejian Event Calendar

  • Calendar System:
  • LIO: To do research


MINI (not BMW): Thanks!

  • Write a nice thanks. Every channel.
  • Website: LIO to put logo on website.
  • LIO to write thank you letter
  • FREDA will translate
  • AMANDA to post on Wechat, Weibo, Website


  • Giving up for now.

Revising Document

  • KEVIN will send to next sponsor when ready.


CES Asia (End of May)

  • ANDREA to do the research
  • ANDREA to make a plan


  • LIO: roborace was cool, do it again. NO ACTION, JUST TALK.

Projects: Idea: Awesome Foundation

  • BERNI: Get a bunch of people together -- to donate some money to help one project
  • Waiting on Berni

Roger's stuff

  • Still needs a clean up.

Fish Tank

  • Yay

Swissnext Culture Center

  • Renewalable Energy Drone Project - Given to Edward and Qichen
  • Woo!

Finances February

  • Question?
  • Please bring up


  • PAUL to help Freda
  • Finances

Amanda's Hackathon

  • AMANDA to do more research
  • 60-100 people?
  • 15-20 groups
  • 4-5 people
  • Topics: Wearables, Smart City, Drones, --- Amanda's idea
  • Volunteers: Non Xinchejian people??
  • Judges: ?
  • Criteria: ?
  • Prizes: 30,000+ RMB?
  • Style: Competitive Hackathon
  • Kevin gave a lot of feedback
  • AMANDA to do more research


  • Xinchejian T-shirt
  • ANDREA to make a design