Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-02-10

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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-02-10
Attendance: Lucio, Amanda, Lio

Welcome teacher Huang

  • TEACHER Huang to bring some missing tools into XinCheJian
  • TEACHER Huang to help people realize their projects
  • AMANDA to help organize some workshops for Teacher Huang
  • TEACHER to send us an explanation of his proposals


  • Valentines Day; cancelled.
  • Xinchejian needs to issue fapiao; done

Urban Planning Museum - Hackerspace Demo

  • Xinchejian needs to provide projects
  • 1 March - 19 April
  • FREDA to find out the details

Xinchejian Meeting and Party

  • Party scheduled March 26

Who is XCJ Staff? / How it is managed?

  • ANDREA: Make a board to show staff.
  • AMANDA: Make a board to show general rules (how the space is run)

Transparency for Finances

  • Should XinCheJian try to show all of its finances.
  • What about rent? Are we allowed to disclose the rent? KEVIN to ask Bob
  • Berni: only positive/negative
  • AMANDA to put the info on the wiki?
  • LIO suggest to create a fund for "future", put X amount in the fund every month (this is by name only; will make our balance sheet more sane by having less "profit")

Proactive on holding Advanced Workshops

  • EDWARD ??
  • LUCIO ??

Events, event calendar

  • Better Calendar System (Google is blocked) LIO: Outlook?


  • Microsoft: LIO to follow up... Did; no reply...
  • BMW: did not pay, has been two weeks. LIO to follow up. No reply.


  • LIO: roborace was cool, do it again
  • TEACHER: can invite people to international competitions
  • TEACHER & LIO: organize competition

Projects: Idea: Awesome Foundation

  • BERNI: Get a bunch of people together -- to donate some money to help one project

Project Corners - Showing projects that are in motion

  • People take over a part of the space; ANDREA to drive

Marketing - expanding reach

  • Reaching out to factories RICKY

Roger's stuff

  • Some is for future workshops
  • Need to clean up / install / setup / store / throw? AMANDA to contact him/organize workshop
  • ROGER to send mail of staff
  • How to lower the electricity cost for Urban Farming project?