Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-01-27

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Date: 2015-01-27
Attendance: Edward, Amanda, Kevin


Minister of Tech came by (wooo)

  • Keeping


  • Commercial filming is done
  • Edward and Amanda were actors. (wooo)
  • Done!

Bosch Competition

  • Xinchejian needs to issue fapiao
  • Edward and Qichen to donote 50%! (wooo)


  • Might have more sponsors coming


  • Valentines Day
  • They pay for an event
  • Tools
  • Decide as soon as possible


  • MIKA: Need to check if the money is there
  • Fapiao already issued. Need to follow up.
  • If money received, need to put a logo.


  • LIO: Need to follow up.


  • Max from Autodesk for cleantech
  • Song the Tech Magician - Amanda to send warnings


Gokit / Gizwit

  • Want to run workshops on how to run Gokit

Urban Planning Museum - Hackerspace Demo

  • Xinchejian needs to provide projects
  • 1 March - 19 April
  • Amanda to find out the details

Jing'an Activity Center

Feb 1 -- This weekend

  • Lio and Paul are to organize it
  • Lio - workshop
  • Paul - showroom
  • Payment should have been made to Xinchejian, transfer should be done.

Feb 4 -- Workshop

  • Badge soldering - Amanda or Lio to run it
  • Insectobot - Lutz


Roger's stuff

  • Roger has a lot of stuff.
  • His stuff is taking up storage is everywhere
  • Bring up for discussion next week.