Weekly Staff Meetings/2015-01-13

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Staff Meeting Notes 2015-01-13
Attendance: Lucio, Paul, Edward, Amanda, Lio, Berni, Kevin, Andrea, Mika, others

Xinchejian Meeting and Party

Trying to think about goals for 2015.

  • We want to get more responses from the community

Who is XCJ Staff? / How it is managed?

  • We should have a clearer board to show who the staff is
  • Put the information on pictures volunteers -- on the wiki
  • Explain who we are, and how Xinchejian works
  • (But we're an anarchist, autonomous collective...)
  • TODO: Make a board to show staff
  • TODO: Make a board to show general rules (how the space is run)

Transparency for Finances

  • Should Xinchejian try to show all of its finances.
  • Some support for this


  • Seems like people willing to put money to support projects and tools
  • Should think of how to harness this interest

Proactive on holding Advanced Workshops

  • Edward
  • Interested in advanced more professional workshops,
  • Finding experts
  • Examples: Lathe, CNC, Welding
  • Example: Czech guy -- this guy never came back
  • Need more Workshop managers?
  • Goal: To get people (our ideal members) to find us, join us.
  • How to make the XCJ like it was when we joined.

Wednesday Open Houses -- Raise the quality

  • No quality screening...
  • How to improve quality / control
  • Best of talks series (monthly basis)
  • Some sort of polling / voting
  • Accumulate good talks -- and then do a best of (at the end of the month / year)
  • Film the talks
  • Concern about bad audio...
  • Staff will start to take notes on best talks.

Events, event calendar

  • Maker Carnivals, big events
  • Having a good calendar...
  • It is a good initiator for projects
  • SHOULD WE USE: Better Calendar System (Google is blocked)
  • PROXY it out? Paul says it's possible.


  • More sponsorships -- more than 4 companies?
  • It seems like people 10 sponsorships -- seems ok
  • 1 year - If we can do more than one year


  • Replying to media -- want us to do a better job of building this
  • Maintaning media relationsihps
  • TODO: Create a PR Resource File
  • Google Doc: Media relationships
  • Rules around this? Need to understand who gets access?


  • Prizes: More money, will drive more people to participate
  • Example: Sparkfun -- 1 year competition
  • Possibilities: Open source air purifier competition

Active Projects -- Better Promotion / Group Building

  • Maximizing use of Weixin
  • Print out the QR code for the groups.
  • Announcement board - show the groups
  • Monitor with ads of the groups (pictures, advertising)
  • Website: Also publish the QR codes

Project based Kickstarter / Donation -- Finances / Transparency

  • Badges -- For donations
  • Project Teams - Example: Air Purifier Teams

Donations from Corporates

  • We are very positive on taking corporate stuff, with NO EXPECTATIONS
  • Expectations - NONE
  • Amanda - example: Air Purifier

==Projects: Idea: Awesome Foundation (?)

  • Bernie
  • Get a bunch of people together -- to donate some money to help one project
  • Encourage building projects
  • Example: Sofa car

Open Source tools to support projects

  • Using OpenTilt?

Promoting projects

  • Project of the month (POTM)

Improving - Documentation of projects in Xinchejian

  • Not easy to create
  • Not easy to find

Design a better Xinchejian Website

  • publicizing what they are doing
  • Asking for help for projects

Membership System

  • Part of the website, Online
  • subscribe online, pay online
  • Xinfab -- Willing to contribute money
  • Research: Amsterdam fablab site: http://fablab.waag.org/

Project Corners - Showing projects that are in motion

  • People take over a part of the space
  • Wechat group QR code info
  • People can see

Marketing - expanding reach

  • Example: Going to Zhangjiang
  • Reaching out to people who don't know about xinchejian but are Like-minded
  • Reaching out to factories (Ricky's original idea)

More space managers?

  • Unclear