Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-12-02

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Staff meeting note 2014 Dec. 12th
Attendance: Lucio, Lio, Andi, Amanda, Edward, Freda, Berni

Wednesday Open night

  • Nelson Ng - LOST Magazine
  • JanusVR


  • 2 more shelves to go. Where to install?


We have 108 members. (Spanish dudes expired.)


  • Lio pinged, no reply; LIO to follow up


  • LIO following up

Power bill

  • Lio added meter hydroponics, but the rig is off
  • Lucio got a detailed electronics bill; how to get one? AMANDA

Accountant asked for invoices and transaction records

  • ask bank for transaction records. Amanda already sent.

Mandate - Banking

  • add Amanda to XinCheJian B/A; not needed
  • Mika to hold onto one just incase. Paul has the other.
    • Lio to setup win7 v/machine; done.

hydroponic chronic

  • Roger to tidy shit up; Done, Amanda did a lot too
  • Review time: are we keeping urban farming in that corner?
  • Can we get rid of the tent? More visibility. LIO to suggest.


  • ROGER working on t-shirts; status?


  • Amanda gave monies to Freda. FREDA to deposit
  • huodongxing: 2% service fee, but when you use Alipay 2.5%; KEEP

Hackathon - TechYiZu

  • mid jan is good for 17/18 hack24hoursbitches
  • want a pre-event
  • want to do a learning arduino track for newbies
  • hardware based, no APP's
  • one person from xinchejian; LIO to volunteer

Internet Line

  • 15M 2388 RMB / month, 23880 RMB / Year
  • 20M 2888 RMB / month, 28880 RMB / Year
  • 30M 4388 RMB / month, 43880 RMB / Year
  • 40M 7388 RMB / month, 73880 RMB / Year
  • International Priority (国际精品网) +50 RMB / month
  • 1个固定IP
  • HeroCenter got upgraded yesterday; let's evaluate

Residence programming

  • Invite (foreign?) hackers to come to Shanghai for X weeks, paying for stay.
  • Let's try once and evaluate. Budget: 3000/mo RMB
  • AMANDA to find the first victim
  • XinCheJian can provide official invitation letter


  • Edward: empty all boxed and re-sort