Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-11-11

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Staff meeting note 2014 Nov. 11th - singles day yo!
Attendance: Paul, Mika, Amanda, Lucio, Lio, Roger, Jonas 

Wednesday Open night

Themed open night: Mr Huang (CTO).. One night stand with Goukr Lio will host it


3050rmb is paid for shelves display shelves already assembled. 3 more shelves to go.


We have 115 members, incl, 11 of Spanish who will not return…


Nov. 12th spaghetti bridge - with single lio Nov. 15th DIY amplifier - private, if not members, will sign them all up as members at 100rmb Nov. 15th Android app / running bug robot (cancelled) - Niels cannot commit, android guy busy. Nov. 16th Arduino with mitch altman (250rmb) Nov. 16th Hydroponics - so far 2 people signed up (need 5) - wait til Friday to cancel if not 5, Amanda to email signups to inform them it might be cancelled. Nov. 22nd PCB design with paul. Nov. 22 PCB design 10:30 - 12:30 150rmb online 200rmb on site and mika for free. Nov. 22 CNC & Lasercutter workshop by lucio. 2pm - 6pm (Amanda to follow up with times, cost, FoC), 30% payable to XCJ if they promote on socialized shit. Nov. 23 3D printing @ shanghai library Nov. 29 roger - worm composting, 2pm - 3:30pm Nov. 30 -open-


ok can represent XCJ on ICS

@Andi Change frog logo type (please, please, please share)

Sharing of shit

  • need to share files everywhere


everything in process

  • Lio, email said description of deliverable not clear, lio forwarded to staff.
  • Mika talked to MINI - update: everything in process.
  • Lio to update MINI.
  • to print out


  • hackathon - Deconstruction - Lio and Lucio are representing XCJ and XF.
  • digital amplifier

Power bill

  • 4732.8rmb - for 3 months (august)
  • XCJ is paying for both machine rooms, have offered to rewire the rooms
  • no official invoice provided.
  • Amanda to follow up with scheduling and official invoice from the electric company.

accountant asked for invoices and transaction records

  • ask bank for transaction records

Mandate - Banking

  • add Amanda to XinCheJian B/A
    • requires copy of Edward and Mika id card, letter of Authorization, and chops
    • who to replace: Edward or Mika (need answer)
    • or add Amanda to account
    • need to activate by middle of November (no date specified!)
    • lio to setup win7 v/machine

hydroponic chronic

  • roger to use both shelves over hydroponic area
  • need to mount another shelf over hydroarea
  • thursday night we're hanging a shelf over hydroponics area


  • roger working on t-shirts
  • more details coming
  • staff shirts? zero profit, limited edition
  • roger to update next week.


  • need to deposit money.
  • Amanda to figure out.

Hackathon - techyizu

  • maybe December early - mid
    • with xinchejian ?? with frog ??
    • maybe next year early.
    • Jan.. maybe possible