Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-11-04

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Staff meeting note 2014 Nov. 4th
Attendance: Paul, Mika, Amanda, Lucio, Andi 

Wednesday Open night

Themed open night: date night with David Li Paul might host it


2800rmb is paid for shelves display shelves already assembled. Paul Mika and Amanda will try to install all air shelves.


We have 106 members, incl, 11 of Spanish who will not return…

Workshops Nov. 9th Tesla coil Nov. 12 spagetti bridge

Nov. 15 Android app / running bug robot Nov. 16 Hydroponics

Nov. 22 PCB design 10:30 - 12:30 Nov. 23 3D printing @ shanghai library

Nov. 29 Nov. 30

@Andi Change frog logo type

Xinfab Cooperation XinCheJian pays 1000rmb xcj members have free access to machine room xci members don’t need to become xinfab members to have access to laser cutters and other sophisticated machines, hourly rate is 35rmb/hour open hours for xinfab is 12:00 - 21:00 bring own safety gear or safety gear from machine room training by Lucio Review in 3 months no challenge! passed!!!


everything in process