Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-10-28

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Date: Oct 28, 2014
Attendance: Lucio, Lio, Amanda, Mika, Kevin, Paul, Roger

1. Roger: making shirts to sell for the space - with Andi and Lio 20rmb for printing + cost of the shirt 2. Freda: paid rent and accountant fee paid, all confirmed. 3. 87 active members, we finally broke even!

   workshops: 6,300rmb
   memberships: october: 6,050rmb
   makercarnival 700rmb in sales 2x solarpanels, 5 passports, 3 members 
   box rental: 60rmb

4. Amanda: @kevin & @andi need to pay memberships fees 5. frog paid 6. workshops for november: 2 workshops every weekend.


   Mika sent out - 2 weeks


   Lio - confirmed still committed, need time


   Lio - no response


Mika - if accountant dont need certain documents then we should hold them.


   need to collect invoices for: food 30% 

Internet the "d" thing

   PAUL, LIO and EDWARD to work this out, still


   AMANDA paid deposit, delivered this weekend
   *need help installing*

Machine room

   Niels to run workshop this sunday afternoon 2pm.    
   PAUL to take shaun to BJ,LU
   Give lump sum from XCJ to XinFab, 1000/mo? Access requires training not in the deal is Lasercutter and CNC seperate


   Date night with david


   Kevin documented - looking for feedback: 
   Looking for a commitment

Hacker in residence?

   sent to NYU

Barcamp - NYU

   november 8 - outside century plaza, techyizu involved.
   send talks to info@techyizu.org or kevin@xinchejian.com
   toyhack needs help
   must RSVP and sign up on meetup. or show up and bring ID on the day.

Electronics room

   * Paul needs to fix it this weekend!! *

Lucio proposal

   Remove the full membership requirement of xinfab for xinchejian members for tools outside of the machine room:
       xinchejian needs to help promote events for xinfab regarding workshops for training.
       35rmb/laser cutter per hour - no material included
       35rmb/cnc per hour - no material included
       BUT if you need shauns help its 60rmb/hour
       3D printer remains the same.
       welder - argon 35rmb/hour buy your own sticks from xinfab
       no refunds.
   Request for comments by next staff meeting

Kevin heads up

   Kevin and Lio on a road trip next week, techyizu is trying to run a hackathon by end of the year.


   target retail: 80rmb - 250rmb
   Sliding scale.
   100 shirts for 3,000 rmb proposal.