Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-09-30

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Date: 2014 09 30 / Sep 30, 2014
Attendance: Lio, Amanda, Mika, Andi, Lucio, Paul



  • Everything on their side.
  • Just waiting on them
  • LIO will ping weekly; fapiao?


  • Lio - no news from manager either; will ping weekly


  • INVOICE sent and processed; payment end of next month


  • ANDI will check up on girl. Will follow up.


  • See email from Lynn Cristanti
  • LIO to follow up


  • We should make that monthly
  • KEVIN and AMANDA - talked through monthly sheet

Accountant fee

  • Accountant wants 500, as opposed to 300
  • Apparently we're medium sized business now, was small sized before
  • Tax procedures are a bit more complicated, more work
  • To be paid for the year, paying the diff for the next part of the current year
  • EDWARD why did we change the tax system? XCJ to pay more tax/VAT?
  • Can we go back? At end of tax year? (Great for sponsorship money)
  • Further investigation is required
  • AMANDA to talk to Edward


  • Lio asked Lucio's ayi to come by, 2x weekly, 400 RMB/mo.
  • She already cleaned on Monday
  • Define clean: floor mopping, windows table, trash, kitchen
  • Amanda had asked Hero Center ayi


Number of members

  • As of 30 Sep 2014: Active 74
  • Last 2 weeks we got 7200 RMB (includes half years)
  • AMANDA to give staff access to i200.cn

Membership IT System

Membership System

  • LUCIO: Will make a chop - NOW

NEW POLICY: Passports for everybody



  • Talk to Bob instead

New meetup: Arduino & Raspberry Pi

  • 10am-12am every Sunday after the holiday
  • Thanks AMANDA


  • Oct 25th

POLYMORPH on Thursday

  • Coming every Thu evening starting Oct 16th

REPEAT everybody must be member


  • PAUL LIO and EDWARD to work this out



  • AMANDA paid, to take from Alipay


Arduino Workshop

  • WHEN: 28 September 2014, Sunday 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • 7 people signed up
  • Paul joined in the fun, thanks Paul

(Close the storage boxes; Amanda got hurt!)

XinTianDi 3D printer intro

  • LUCIO, 1st until 7th Oct at XTD Style, 2/F

Jing'an Activity Center

  • Rudi talking to 20 children about whatever / robotics
  • Saturday
  • We get money (1500 RMB to activity center)
  • CAMILO & RUDI to get 6 months membership, each

INTERMEZZO no memberships in return for goods/services

Saturday morning was Watch workshop

  • Good turnout, happy

Maker Carnival - OCTOBER 18-19

  • LIO confirmed will do spaghetti bridge.
  • ROGER confirmed will do hypdroponics. Sent application form to Belina.
  • LUCIO to look into how to make a 3D Printer - TENTATIVE
  • PAUL - making Sofa King Cart B
  • ANDREA - got 3 tables
  • AMANDA - Will ask the participants to showcase their projects for Maker Carnival; MIKE puzzle-guy?
  • Need car, can use taxi. PAUL might be able to use the dive van
  • EDWARD car?

Monthly Makers Hippie Thing - Creative Collective - Hangout

  • LUCIO also to attend
  • Xinchejian to attend it
  • Open Night still at XCJ
  • Wednesday - 8-10 PM - 1:00 AM
  • At Dada
  • OCT 15: LIO volunteers to man the stand
  • Need projects - bring there
  • EDWARD to help with car
  • ANDREA to help



  • LUCIO - carbonmini / blackmamba
  • DAVID airbrella? AMANDA to check - YES
  • LIO - Arcade Machine
  • ROGER - lettuce house
  • LIO - to send out the email



  • LIO proposed off the market shelf
  • EDWARD to purchase off-the-market shelf and attach to ceiling
  • EDWARD sent link, AMANDA to buy
  • Test with taobao one first; DIY if it fails


  • Roger says we need shelves, can't unpack
  • PEOPLE SQUARED see if we can get display space
  • ROGER sent email to staff, IKEA shelves; expensive.
  • AMANDA to check Taobao for shelves, ~4,2m x ~2m x ~0,3m

Space Manager

  • 1 month overdue
  • Makergate - did not agree to fill in the form
  • Haier - did not fwd the agreed on quote
  • Amanda "If I don't agree, I won't do it"
  • Wants to step down as Space Manager
  • Start looking for a new Space Manager
  • Lucio "Next Space Manager should not be staff"
  • "amanda@xinchejian.com" stays the Alipay

Hydroponics area

  • Depends on storage


  • Need to pay the rent; Lio gave fapiao to FREDA
  • Somebody wanted to rent the space for testing tools, 3 hours x 2 afternoons. Amanda quoted 2x1500 RMB.
  • They also asked XinFab. Must sync with Lucio.

Machine room

  • Need monthly trainings
  • Include it into regular membership?


  • freda to find out what makes us different from other hackerspaces.

Amanda to Report back on Quitting as space manager

  • Tuesday 7th October.
  • also does space managers fees need to be adjusted
    • Amanda to send a breakdown in members and workshops month to month