Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-09-09

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Date: 2014 09 09 / Sep 09, 2014
Attendance: Lio, Amanda, Kevin, Freda, Andi, Lucio



  • AMANDA will send the PO forms out, SENT, no reply yet from MINI


  • Lio reminded, but no reply, since 2 weeks, CEO of MICROSOFT CHINA QUIT! He went to Baidu.


  • PAUL to check, Paul is not in Shanghai, Lio writes to Paul


  • Forms sent for sponsorship, AMANDA to follow up this week.
  • Event hosting. Amanda to follow up with the event aas well even though she said that their budget was only of few thousands and we shot to high.


Hai'er - Seminar

  • They organize everything
  • Sometime next week, about 20 people
  • 2-3 hours morning
  • Fees are to support the space

Space "Renting" Policy

  • 5000 RMB / hour - if it is a public and corporate event
  • 20000 RMB for the day

  • ANDI made the thing
  • LIO to ask about the sponsorship logo / materials



  • Quentin Paquignon
  • Rebecca from KIC, from Makers Carnival
  • Jett from DFROBOTS will talk about the Hackathon (4000 rmb of hardware total) with Amanda.
    • DFR will have a booth to sell stuff during the event.
    • 9 teams already registered, the teams will have 400rmb of budget to buy stuff, pick from the website and give Amanda a list by Monday the 15th.
  • Mr. Qu from polymakr will introduce its material.
  • Hackathon team members without a team will be fillers at the end of the open wednesday.
  • LIO to send the email
  • LIO Hosts

Maker Carnival

  • October 18th and 19th
  • Amanda brings the winning team of the hackaton
  • Lio brings the chair
  • Roger? with a hydroponic?
  • Xinfab gets in touch with Jett for his own booth.
  • Jett is in charge of this event, he is the marketing guy of DFROBOTS


  • DF Robot is sponsoring 4000rmb in material

Sponsoring / Partnership

  • Xinfab is partnership
  • DFROBOT 4000 rmb
  • Nanxia accelerator 1000rmb

Event Structure

  • September 20, 21
  • 10 teams(9 at the moment) (make plus is sending 1 team)
  • Teams less than 5 people
  • 20 volunteers, Amanda rotates them through the event and meet with them to do some orientation before the event.
  • Prize - 1000rmb from someone i forgot, Nanxia
  • They can keep the hardware.


  • Lucio is a Judge
  • Marcus from Frog
  • Lutz

Judging Criteria

  • theme is crossover

Other Events

  • Sept 20-21 -- Hackathon
  • Oct 18-19 -- Barcamp Shanghai
  • Oct 25-16 -- DAFF
  • Nov 15-16 -- Hack Shanghai
  • hackshanghai.com 24-hour, 100,000 prizes. NYU



  • now the price is 500rmb
  • 500 times 5 is 2500rmb
  • edward will look for a new vendor.


  • Messed up
  • KEVIN to ask Bob, again


  • We have oven, and induction stoves
  • KEVIN to ask Bob about situation, still waiting from bob, solicited

Membership System

  • PAUL, the membership system is not working, fix it!
  • buy envelops, andi do that. The money goes into a envelop with your name now.