Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-07-22

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Date: 2014 07 22 / July 22th, 2014
Attendance: Amanda, Mika, Edward, Kevin, Paul, Andi, Freda, Kristian


  • Important issues, let’s discuss via email - not WeChat
  • Details: refer to email


  • Utlilites starting in August
  • Amadna will follow up on invoicing


  • Construction of shelves:
    • Welding: Might buy bigger tank. 20 Liter. (Ran out of argon last welding mission)


  • Weld the last racks
  • Hang upside table for extra storage space
  • Empty boxes and decide what is commonly/rarely used
  • Cardboard box with ‘junk’ and the remainder back into storage boxes

Membership fees & Card system

  • Push Chinese to use online payment
  • Foreigners to use cash


  • Only ~10 members are paid up-to-date
  • New membership system (Edward) Ready to deploy
  • Card system: Members buy a card? Prevents loss?
  • Ask Lio about previously set up system, he may have
  • Edward: needs some development time to deploy/implement system
  • Edward: Set up card reader over weekend. Maybe setup lock, too.

Wed Open House

  • 3 Xin Fab speakers: Amanda will send details to Paul (Language, etc)


  • Back on line


  • Amanda and Paul will work out details.
  • Sketchup
  • Shuttle Cock
  • ??

Space: Hydroponics

  • Paul to speak with Roger about hydroponic system

XCJ and XinFab Cooperation

  • Discussion:
  • 3 d printing
  • Pricing
  • Date when things set up
  • Perhaps a flat fee instead of pricing premium per gram
  • How is XCj member affected by XinFab pricing
  • Principle: XCJ shouldn’t pay XinFab payment for XCJ equipment
  • Laethe/Mill/etc? XCJ machines
  • Clarification on pricing / Discussion with Lucio:
  • Membership fee for XinFab then pay additional price bump?
  • Need training for machine room, and cost for training?
  • Laser cutter: (“advanced membership room”?)

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