Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-06-17

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Date: 2014 06 17
Present: Amanda, Lucio, Kevin, Freda, Andi, Lio, Edward, Jonas, Kristian


  • First meeting in new Xinchejian space (Jing'an Temple)!

Wed Open House

  • Arrange projector (against wall for temporary)


  • Ashley Coulson: Upcycling: talk about team he put together
  • Wesley Yang: Drift bottle project


  • Used furniture deal

Payment Stuff

  • Payment online on phone app is 4.7 % vs 3.4% with compute online. (Ignore: marginal difference)

Space Organization:

  • “Storage is a starting point,” – Edward.
  • Two types: member vs non-member
  • Membership storage: Metal storage to be built June 21st Sat. at 10:00 am

Saturday Building

  • On Sat: metal shopping and building (Edward, Lucio, )
  • Big shelf (where little bins are) as work space. Previously discussed/agreed.
  • Lucio will build: Little bin holders. Vertical shelves/bars with hooks/”L’s” to hold the bins. Need 88 boxes (1 per member)

Lucio’s dangerous tools:

  • Set aside and have to be requested to use
  • Start from machine room, and that room is cleared, can work on electric room. “Work from inside, step by step.” – Edward
  • Hnaging Projection screen. Do tonight
  • TV

Space Layout:

  • Roger: Tent set up by window (sunlight) and hose through window
  • Decision: Roger will sort out with Phillip. Hole in the ground and no running faucets
  • Amanda will discuss Green Wall outside of our space
  • Kevin: Meeting room stays as meeting room.


On schedule, nothing imminent

XCJ and XinFab Collaboration:

Shanghai Library Workshop:

  •  % breakdown: 20% Lib. / 30% XCJ / 50% Facilitator
  • Payments are semi-annual
  • They calculate off list of attendees.
  • Amanda/Freda: set to handle this communication.

3D Printing Workshop

  • Lucio work shop created 2698 total (top line) last time. Well done, L.
  • Discussion on price. 100 kwai spent on taxi for 3-d printers

Workshop Expenses Spli

  • All expenses for facilitator is taken off topline, then we split profits accordingly

Jingan Youth Activity Center:

  • July 20th
  • Worshop organization/participants: undecided
  • Amanda taking the reins

Maker Carnical/Fair in October

  • XCJ will be called co-organizer.
  • No responsibilities.
  • Just participate (with a booth)
  • Details to follow
  • Andi thinking about organizing events for out of town hackers


  • Lucio: June 22nd 3-d printers
  • Roger: June 29th Hydoponics with Roger
  • Solid Works: Less than 5 will cancel
  • Amanda: July and August. DF Robots
  • Pushing for weekend mornings. Amanda will communicate our split. DF Robots handling kids workshop
  • Andi: Emmanuel Flores organize a series of workshop
  • Lio: First weekend of July. Lio: organizing spaghetti bridge


  • Amanda to continue working on finding intern(s)/etc to help with space
  • Keep focus on setting up space and make it more useable (vs. other workshops, etc)
  • Amanda to follow up with Andi on stickers
  • Where do we store photos?
  • Lio will teach Kevin: One Drive
  • Freda: Haier wants to sponsor/promo – new ideas to work together
  • Can we get better chairs? (poor for Open House)
  • Find used deals.
  • Separate email to ask for deals on used furniture
  • Bob sponsor any? Unlikely.
  • Backdated payment: polite wording and send email. Calculated fees.
  • Payments moving forward: Amanda will handle. Membership system