Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-06-10

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Date: 2014 06 10
Present: Amanda, Lucio, Kevin, Freda, Andi, Lio

Xinchejian Moving

  • Ready by Friday?!
  • Who is able to help move? Andi, Freda, Amanda, Lio, Kevin
  • AMANDA to ANNOUNCE and RECRUIT on Weibo and Google Groups
  • LUCIO to do an inventory of equipment / tools
  • Xinchejian will move equipment to machine room, LUCIO to do machine room inventory there.

  • Use the existing door for now
  • Open to using other methods for entering the door

Space Layout

  • LUCIO to send layout to staff
  • Discussion to work out fair allocation of space
  • Discuss Roger space usage - 10 sqm tentative ? -- Please weigh in on this.


  • Approved! Congrats to Lucio


  • 1050 RMB to pay accountant -- cool
  • FREDA to pay
  • Will be able to issue fapiao in August
  • Accountant to attend training (when she fixes dates)
  • Affects sponsorship

3D Printer

  • Xinchejian to essentially handoff to Xinfab
  • AMANDA to tell Jason
  • Lucio to manage, Xinchejian members to get access and get a cut

Xinfab - Xinchejian Cooperation

  • Xinchejian Xinfab Cooperation - Official cooperation terms between Xinchejian and Xinfab
  • LUCIO to copy the previous notes of cooperation into the wiki
  • This will help us avoid constantly bringing up old topics
  • Also let us see the latest cooperation

Event Payment System - Vasee.com

  • Tested membership payment - It works, tested by Amanda
  • AMANDA to post on the website

Alipay Account

  • AMANDA to create a new purely Xinchejian account

Shanghai Library Workshop - LUCIO INCOME

  • Xinchejian - no cut for Xinchejian?
  • Existing System: 20% Shanghai Library, 80% Workshop Facilitator
  • Proposed System: 20% Shanghai Library, 30% Xinchejian, 50% Workshop Facilitator
  • If there are objections -- please write now

Bosch Drones

  • Talk with David?
  • 15 July deadline

Jing'an Youth Activity Center

  • For middle school, high school
  • For DIY projects
  • AMANDA is talking with them
  • Trial workshop on 20 July
  • Guarantee 20-30 people
  • AMANDA to recruit workshop facilitator

Calling for Interns / Volunteers / Slaves

  • Make a call for interns
  • AMANDA to recruit them
  • AMANDA to send to staff minimum requirements
  • Potentially offer free membership
  • Expectation 2-3

ARM Movies Dude

  • LIO to respond and say, what's in it for us?
  • Politely ask for a donation?
  • Could always use more ARM stuff

Wednesday Night

  • 5 speakers
  • AMANDA to send to LIO the speakers
  • PAUL and DAVID already sent on staff wechat
  • NOTED - Lio would like to note, that Amanda is being a pain in the buttocks
  • LIO to send it

Payment to Space

  • KEVIN - Make a draft for Amanda
  • AMANDA to send

Explicit Space Manager Duties

  • EDWARD needs to start discussion

Equipment List

  • SENT --

Shanghai Maker's Carnival - October

  • October 2014
  • No news
  • AMANDA to talk to rockets

PCB Design Workshop (Paul)

  • 3 whole people
  • It's ok.


  • MINI BMW - 100k RMB - proposal. NEED INVOICE.
  • Frog - Waiting on INVOICE
  • Microsoft - No response, need reboot
  • Singtel Innov8 - Received!

Qingdao Hackerspace

  • Haier - FREDA sent email, and will discuss with Amanda and Edward
  • They want Xinchejian to set up hackerspaces in colleges
  • uh...
  • We're supposed to make a proposal
  • Jiaotong, Tongji, - main universities
  • Like Fablab in Tongji
  • Give them promotion
  • Sponsored by Haier
  • LUCIO is interested

Staff Official Stuff

  • ANDI to work on it
  • Lucio - photoboard - not finished
  • Paul - to do the wiki

Stickers, Business Cards

  • STICKER: ANDI to make new stickers - website


  • Skydrive -
  • Flickr - Meet the makers - AMANDA couldn't find
  • Shanghai Library - AMANDA to follow up
  • ANDI to help AMANDA

Workshop: Hydroponics - ROGER

  • Tentatively on June 14, next Saturday
  • Waiting for 5 people to sign up
  • AMANDA to work with ROGER