Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-06-03

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Date: 2014 06 03
Present: Amanda, Lucio, Kevin, Paul, Freda, Andi 

Equipment List

  • AMANDA to type out equipment list
  • AMANDA to send to STAFF list
  • Final decisions this week
  • Software is from Labview

Payment System

  • Should we keep online system
  • Lucio - only one paid online, Bernie didn't want to pay.
  • AMANDA to check if there is a free ticket option
  • AMANDA to set discount
  • Trying selling tickets online
  • Online Price and Pay at door price we stick to it

Shanghai Maker's Carnival - October

  • October 2014
  • Previous events -- only participated. This year, organizing?
  • AMANDA follow up, to attend the meeting

Bosch - Drone Competition

  • Jonathan leaving?
  • XINCHEJIAN is supposed to reach out to hackers and students
  • There is a selection process for 6 teams (hm...)
  • Unofficial Xinchejian Team: Flying Fukters Team: Paul, Edward, Qichen, Sunny, and 2 others
  • AMANDA to follow up -- who is organizing Bosch?

PCB Design Workshop (Paul)

  • Sunday June 8 1pm - 4pm
  • Noisemaker
  • Only designing, not making for workshop
  • Got permission to produce
  • 200 RMB members, 300 RMB non-members
  • Grandfathered on pricing

Tax Machine

  • Accountant is the only who is allowed to attend the training
  • Or pay 500 extra in addition to her
  • New rule.
  • WAITING for accountant to tell us
  • We want her to do it
  • Computer is at your place


  • Frog -
  • Microsoft -
  • Singtel Innov8 - Received!

Qingdao Hackerspace

  • Haier - FREDA sent email, and will discuss with Amanda and Edward

Roger Urban Farming Zone

  • Turning off and turning on.
  • ROGER to just finish it, and close it. Otherwise we'll turn it off.

Staff Official Stuff

  • Lucio - photoboard - not finished
  • Paul - to do the wiki

Wednesday Talks

  • NELSON - Headphones
  • FRENCH GUY PIERRE RUPERT - Virtualization, why do you need to virtualize your PC and hardware
  • DAVID sent through one - Paul
  • OLO from Beijing to present homebrew beer, fermented beverages
  • PAUL to send
  • AMANDA to host, FREDA to cohost

Stickers, Business Cards

  • STICKER: ANDI to make new stickers - website
  • No business cards


  • Skydrive -
  • Flickr - Meet the makers
  • Shanghai Library - AMANDA to follow up
  • ANDI to help AMANDA

Workshop: Hydroponics - ROGER

  • Tentatively on June 14, next Saturday
  • AMANDA to work with ROGER

New space checkout

  • Seems pretty cool
  • Metal cable box stuff needs to move up more

Space Manager Payday

  • Fix it to last month
  • 1st of every month paid for previous month