Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-04-15

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From Kristian Notes and Andi Notes



if it was not yet clear for everyone, we have to leave the space empty by friday the 25th, this means that this weekend is the weekend. Let's box on friday and move over saturday and sunday.


-New Space:

Bob need to know kinda soon what is the layout of our space and with lucio we thought about doing it this way. Lucio is closer to the entrance in this proposal because otherwise he would be locked in without access to a corridor. Although this is good for him as he is close to the main door and it is practical for him to move equipment, this is also bad as he'll be noisy and loud and that area will be difficult to soundproof. It also pushes xcj further away from the "shared central area" for worshops and events. Please guys, bring in your suggestions, and help us improve the layout! .ai file attached so you can play around. PS: Lucio, if you get in touch with the architect, please share with us the dwg as well.

Inline image 1

-Central area:

There is no second floor, the technical drawing N.4 was regarding a proposal with the collapsible walls closed. Those four meeting rooms have collapsable walls that can be closed anytime to free up space for big events. The top, north area, and the bottom south area near the kitchen will always be free, although there are those 2 annoying columns in the middle.

I was thinking right now, how about proposing to make those 3 bottom rooms collapsable instead of those 4 ones in the middle? i think the space would be more manageable that way, even though it might be smaller overall. Please, comment! we need to give feedbacks FAST to bob.

Inline image 2


Who's on duty tonight? i'll be there, but only kind of late so i can't host... we need to recruit hands for boxing on friday and moving on saturday and sunday!

1. Info on new location:
a. Only one floor 
b. Pictures/floor plan:
i. #3 standard day layout
ii. #4 adjustment for event hosting (IE: Wed)  
c. Discussion: adequate space?
i. Moveable walls with space in the center
1. Can turn into event space
2. Easy/quick breakdown
d. Specific feedback for architect/Bob?
i. Middle location vs corner
e. Concern:
i. Location of machine room and effects of sound.
ii. Lucio gets independent access
1. Slide card access to machine room
iii. Does blueprint accurately represent layout, Lucio wonders.
2. Moving:  this upcoming weekend, Friday. April 19th.  
3. Need list of what needs to be done, regarding move:
a. Structured and organizing labor:
i. Who is available and when?
ii. Packing: Now – Sat.
iii. Sat:  all hands on deck.  MOVE.