Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-04-01

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Date: 2014 04 01
Present: Lio, Amanda, Paul, Lucio, MinLin, Freda, Roger


Concern: no official floor plan. Meeting with Bob on Friday. Lucio to call Bob Thursday to confirm. Requests for Bob: floor plan, 2 contracts: XCJ and Techshop.

Concern 2: can work ASAP, but during renovation work, tools might get displaced, if-you-know-what-I-mean.

Verbal agreement for 50k sponsorship (via Paul)! Microsoft TBD (via Lio).

Paul possibly away next week, for 5 weeks! Need to sign the lease before Paul leaves.

MinLin to teach Amanda how to handle Chinese social media. Habib to help out, Wed night. WeiXin and WeiBo. Twitter and Facebook are not important now.