Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-01-21

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Date: 2014 01 21
Present: lio, andi (minutes),  jimmy, amanda, mika,  freda


  • lio and jonathan to attend the boyscouts in the morning!
  • aaron, shan shan, andi, amanda for hosting the wednesday.


  • Rohan? not coming


  • And elected space spokeperson with the 2nd floor management (calvin, Susan)


for 29 we have a person from jiackie


  • jimmy brings speakers
  • jimmy contact shanshan and aaron
  • amanda will participate
  • aaaiiirrr guys presents project update


  • We have an accountant Ms Xu to whom we will pay 300rmb every month for bookkeeping service. At the end of financial year, she will give us our yearly accounting book, which costs 180RMB.
  • We will need to do annual financial audit and annual update for business license (per yearly operation) and organization code licence (around mid year). The accountant will run all the errands for us and we will need to pay for the annual checkup and pay her for her service.
  • The legal representative might be requested to go to the tax bureau with the accountant, or to entrust another person to represent him.
  • We will need to buy a invoice device and send the accountant monthly invoice log to file for taxes, even if we don't issue any invoice.
  • We haven't talked with her about payment method. She's already started to process all necessary procedures to keep our company and services. We will need to decide if we would like to pay her per year (300*12) or per month(300).
  • We have given the accountant the business license, organization code license, and banking licence for restore normal operation of the company. She will give these documents back when our legal representative (Paul) or the entrusted person meets with her next time.


  • irmantas?
  • frida 2pm, mengqi audio kit workshop, she gets in touch with paul and kevin to publish it