Weekly Staff Meetings/2014-01-14

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Date: 2014 01 14
Present: David, edward, lio, andi (minutes), shanshan, jimmy, roger, valentin, kj, amanda, jonathan, aaron, paul, freda


  • lio& valentin to make work the old projector, the "IDE",


  • -Bernina from make+: c3 trip in germany, the original hacker conference in Berlin
  • -Eric the presentor brought in by irmantas
  • -amanda new staff: self introduction
  • -teacher huang:
  • NEW potential staff member ROHAN: will be here next week


-mindplus: ask berlina this weekend (sunday afternoon) REX -Lucio: 3d modelling for 3d printing on saturday 2pm 3 hours -coming up: Arduino workshop by paul on CNY week TBA -coming up: Smart air- cheap badass ghetto air filter. from Andi TBA

Facilitating workshop

-make a kit, with poster template, logo,


8am saturday till 1pm LIO 8am sunday till 1pm JONATHAN

Helper session on thursday:

it's officially a day of xinchejian, gonna be manned by edward this week, and we want to keep on inventing in it.


edward follows up with mika about the topic.

New Member's registration system

it is in beta testing for Staff. please file ticket for bugs!

elected space person : Amanda


Company accounts is about 30kohms freda about 19+6kohms minlin around 30kohms, paul follows up with her

Lio fix jimmys computer

Valentin computer for server need an hard drive!

Can be used for server!

New space

unless someone finds a new place.

Roger dinner: Farewell Valentin!

Dinner movie again on friday headcount by thursday at 2pm.


Amanda, Andi and Aaron lead.