Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-12-10

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Date: 20131210
Present: Paul, Edward, Lucio, Kevin, Jimmy, KJ, Lucia, ShanShan, Sara, Mika, Jonathan (minutes)

Decision items (D)

  • Every first staff meeting of the month - staff collectively empties the money box, enter the data in spreadsheet, and "cleans up" the staff list according to Nov 12 Staff Rules.
  • Staff should pay membership fees - if no objections this week, it will pass.
  • Official membership sign-up times will be wed night and Sat. Need to train staff to be able to sign up members with new process (e.g. getting card printed). Note: People can sign up anytime, but membership cards will be printed on Wed and Sat.

Actions item to complete over following week (A)

  • Paul and Edward taking the lead on launching membership sign-up system.
  • Jimmy to print out Xinchejian code of conduct pdf. Paste one next to the money box.
  • WHO? - when people sign up as members for XCJ, make sure they should get a welcome email including rules of the space, opening times, etc.
  • Edward to fix door alarm during this weekend's Infrastructure Fixup
  • Edward, Paul, and Jonathan to install security cameras weekend of 12/14
  • Jimmy to send out email to staff to track who will be around during holiday season to open up space.

Props (P)

  • Props to Kevin, Jimmy, and Techyizu for organizing a great Hackyizu weekend, and DFRobot for donating equipment.


1. Wednesday Meeting

  • Place: 164 Wulumuqi Lu (An fu lu) - Hunan community culture center. 7PM. Ex-CEO of Foxcom. Subject - Innovation from long-tail startups from makers (Language: Chinese).
  • no need for staff to prepare. David and ShanShan will run the event.

2. Events/Workshops==

  • Hackyizu 2013 went well - 6-7 projects completed. More coffee needed. Arduino workshop hosted by Kevin.
  • D programming workshop with Leo Sunday Dec 15, 1PM-5PM
  • Xinchejian infrastructure fixup weekend 12/14-15

3. Lost Things / Stealing ?

  • Hot plates, Bernie's arduino ripped off his project. We need to make sure people know what's off limits to "hack" into (i.e. stuff on display shelves) and need better security system.
  • Edward shared cost of missing hotplate.