Weekly Staff Meetings/2013-11-12

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Date: 20131112
Present: David, Edward, Lucio, Kevin, Mika, Shanshan, KJ, Aaron, Jonathan, Zhao Lei, 

Accounting company, a book keeper. 记账服务。

  • Email people on the mailing list
  • Push for

Wednesday Open Night Speaker 1: Zhao Lei (proposed) Subject: OpenCV in ROS (robot operating systems) with Kinect to show Point Cloud.

Props: Lucio and Paul: W&K Show and Tell was done at noon, "Meet the Neighbors" outreach. Got one membership.

Space negotiations

  • Lucio to be our "elected" member to handle relations with G2C and Transist

Insurance Issue Agreed we need insurance. Paul to determine which insurance package fits best. Need one that covers public liability. 4000 per year estimated.

Workshops: Insect Bot - Saturday 16th 2PM (Chinese/English) - needs help since there will be kids. Zhao Lei and Aaron to volunteer

Arduino - Sunday 17th 1-5PM - English - Paul and Kevin

Proposed - Google App Engine by KJ

  • Price - RMB 120
  • Purpose - GDG -- Google App Engine -- Teach people how to write code for App Engine
  • Needs: Projector
  • Date: Nov 30th - check calendar for availability? Check whether Make+ workshop being held on same day
  • Python
  • Language: Chinese and English
  • Expected attendees? 20-30 max
  • Signup on Xinchejian website
  • Cost 42 per person per hour, must be member
  • 3 hours...

Other Events Fish Barbeque - Sunday 17th -

Techyizu to do Hackathon on Dec 7th - 8th - hardware related - 4-5 people per team. Build something crazy - present on Sunday afternoon. Two tracks - people that are skilled, people that are rookies. For rookies, present Sumo robots, etc. Jimmy and Kevin organizing. Maybe some cost to kits.

Draft rules for managing staff list:


  • Need recommendation by one senior staff (>1 yr experience).
  • If no opposition, starts by next week.
  • For 6 mths, on "probation/experience". Then after 1 yr gets to be senior.

Stay on:

  • Need to complete two tasks per month.
  • People can make their own assignments; encouraged to make their own assignments.

Conditions for kick-off:

  • being an a-hole, disrespectful behaviour.


  • not completing 2 tasks per month will be kick off automatically

How to kick-off

  • Any senior staff can kick out "probation" staff but needs reason and can be challenged.
  • Task requirement rule doesn't apply during vacation
  • allow a one month grace period for automatic kick-off to go into effect.
  • need simple majority vote during staff meeting.

Consider this DRAFT - @staff - agree upon this at 11/19 meeting

Membership Tracking: Members.xinchejian.com: to track members Leo to help migrate from GoogleDocs to Reddis. To print RFID cards. With this app, it helps with access. And other services later on. Membership Board in Xinchejian - Jonathan to create one for space.